A planning and Architectural Design Institute: do the scheme for free first, and charge no fee if you are not satisfied

Until today, sadly, this has almost become synonymous with routine.

In the middle stage, I look forward to the kind Angel Party A’s appearance to redeem.

I’m the chicken in the chicken feather story.

What a drama of dramatic conflict and endless tragedy Maybe to some extent, it will slowly become a comedy…

Even if it’s a routine, I’m also the designer of the design scheme in this routine…

What do you get? Chicken feathers! 0 yuan beauty, 0 yuan tour group, 1 cent green vegetables and 1 cent eggs, which seem unimaginable consumer goods, can not cover the cost of enterprise operation in any case, but the business world The world seems to be able to turn corruption into magic.

When I was walking on the street, someone stopped me and said: “Beautiful girl, let’s give you a free skin care and experience our latest beauty package” , wow, my God, I’m sure I’ll be scared and run away immediately.

When I go out to wander in the Jianghu, there is no free lunch.

The routines of 0 yuan entry, low price marketing and subsidy burning money are everywhere in the marketing of N-generation Internet products.

It showed that I didn’t want to buy it at all.

If you don’t give me a cheaper price, I don’t want it! Is this called satisfaction? Is this still called dissatisfaction? How ethereal is satisfaction and dissatisfaction? Whether the commercial purchase behavior is achieved is only emotional sponsorship, but more importantly, the quality and value of the commodity core are needed by Party A, and Party A pays for the quality and value The value of goods is to solve their actual and specific problems, not irrelevant satisfaction.

It seems that the boss and Party A are you and me, but this is based on the fact that countless designers in the company keep selling themselves for 0 yuan, you and me + endless tragedy.

original  | Ji Cheng author  | Buer picture dog editor|   Z said that the industry is in the inner volume, from real estate to design institutes, grasshoppers in a chain are in the volume.

Who still wants where the chicken is   Designing for free first is a tragic beginning of the story.

You sold it so much High price, you mean, hurry to give me a cheaper price.

Today, I was surprised to hear that a Design Institute began to promise: “do the scheme for free first, don’t charge if you are not satisfied!” this is going to roll out new tricks? Many design institutes do the scheme for free, but they openly hang on the front page of their website for publicity.

In the process of selling yourself repeatedly, do you expect a kind-hearted Party A to save yourself and stop this cycle? Is it like Sisyphus pushing stones up and down the mountain and getting redemption from Party A in pain? However, redemption can be achieved Wait, can the cycle of bad luck be suspended? Let’s see what the conditions for suspension are – no charge if you are not satisfied! Hehe, the subtext is to charge if you are satisfied.

Free experience is solid However, it is a good business script and operation scheme.

Think about it, the service industry seems to have no cost investment, but manpower and time are also costs.

What is satisfaction? Is there a national standard for satisfaction? Is there a strong provision for satisfaction? How to define the standard for both Party A and Party B? Or is it just that Party A is satisfied and Party B is not qualified to be satisfied? No! Satisfaction is a complete satisfaction Subjective, satisfaction is a very perceptual emotion, which can’t be concretized by numbers, formulas and rules.

The business community has begun to return to nature for many years, playing a naive and romantic style, and want to be with you When I went to the wholesale market to buy clothes, I knew that the most key skill for the boss to kill the price at each stall and stall was not to show his love for this dress, repeatedly nitpick and belittle it.

This kind of 0 yuan consumption and 0 yuan experience continues to emerge in daily life, telling stories, pulling people’s heads and refreshing the chicken feathers of daily life.

This sentence is a wise saying that I’ve been constantly instilling.

It has actually become the life-saving straw for this design company to wander in the Jianghu! I don’t know whether to lament the boss’s spirit of loving power generation, or the bloody battle of this Zhejiang enterprise.

It’s just an indescribable emotion.

Who knows what a big set is waiting for me.

If a design scheme only stays in satisfaction or not, it can not solve the actual problems, and to some extent, it will fall into the business logic of soliciting customers at the door for 0 yuan experience.

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As for Party B, it always regards party A as the first love – kind Party A pays the bill, unintentional Party A comes to whore for nothing! Party B is the object of Party A’s routine, why should it be free? There are people who come to whore for nothing! Since someone must come to whore for nothing, why should they abandon themselves for free and simply let everyone come to whore for nothing?! What is the logic of the historical era?! which capital tycoon has begun to encircle and burn money?! if the value of self marking experience is 0 yuan, does it mean that the service provided is high-quality service? In ancient times, self selling was used to insert a straw sign, which was to extract the last bit of residual value from himself to complete a great thing (such as burying his father) when there was no way out To enjoy the experience price of 0 yuan basically means that you have to sell yourself repeatedly.

There are many design institutes that make plans for free, but those that openly hang on the home page of their own website for publicity.

You fooled me into buying it.

See you for a long time.

See you for a long time.

For front-line designers, countless repeated work is classified as 0 yuan, which is regarded as the value of repeated trial and error In order to be enjoyed by Party A, this is an endless tragedy.

Steel Chamfer

However, if one day I walk on the street, someone stops me and says: “Pretty girl, make a design scheme for you first, and don’t charge if you are not satisfied!” subway stations and bus stations began to brush large posters frequently: “make a design scheme first, and don’t charge if you are not satisfied! “At such a moment, will I make a big alarm and escape immediately? No, because I’m in this circle and can’t escape.


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