Puyang Hengji Shangcheng | world inspired Shangcheng architecture

Hyde Park 1, the world’s most expensive apartment in 2010, is located next to Hyde Park in central London, UK.

The Hengji inheritance of occupying Pubei presents the outstanding value of epoch-making art constant property for the leaders of the times| Aerial view of the project Kaizhou road runs north and south around the project, connecting Pubei political, commercial, cultural and health resources from south to north.

Manhattan one57 is located in the Golden Port of Manhattan CBD.

The legendary shopping street, Fifth Avenue, is close at hand.

Scan the bottom two dimensional code, pay attention to the official account of Puyang real estate network, free consultation, real estate question and answer to give you the fastest, authoritative service, more new and more cooperative real estate recommendation and the latest and the most complete real estate information express every day! The development of a world-wide City, from “bridging” to “first” and then to “evolution”, has traces to follow.

Hengji Shangcheng is located at the intersection of administrative and Cultural District, ecological leisure district and commercial and business district.

Jackson, a contemporary art historian, once said, “when we think of any important civilization, we have a habit of representing it with great buildings.” But not every piece of land can grow great buildings attracting worldwide attention; Not all buildings are qualified to live on the central axis of the city.

Whether it is Manhattan in the United States, London in the United Kingdom, Tokyo in Japan or Hong Kong in China.

Educational resources: Lvcheng primary school, Lvcheng middle school and Puyang Weidu experimental school; Commercial resources: 50000 square meters of binhuwan commercial complex, and many commercial supporting facilities such as Wanda Plaza, mass merchandising, Shuixiu street, Evergrande cinema and farmers’ market are also gathered around; Medical resources: plain hospital, branch of traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Take steps to make the city prosperous and calmly embrace all-dimensional supporting resources| Schematic diagram: Henderson supports the deep excavation of urban development context and gathers surrounding high-quality resources.

It gathers a city with rich resources and starts the Vientiane life in the city core| The land in the central part of the project area is increasingly scarce, and the rising land value constantly reminds the leaders of the times that there are few opportunities to attend the urban core area as nonvoting delegates, and fewer opportunities to have all-dimensional supporting facilities in the urban core area.

The value of urban CBD is always irreplaceable and plays an increasingly important role in urban renewal and international exchanges.

Architecture is the mirror of the times and the business card of the city.

It is not far away Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the queen of England, is located in Kowloon, close to Victoria Harbor.

Looking at the world’s top products, it is not difficult to find their commonalities, occupy an unparalleled area of the central axis of the city, and enjoy perfect living supporting facilities and transportation in all directions, Bring high-quality life enjoyment to the leaders of layer peak.

It has convenient transportation and mature urban supporting facilities in Hong Kong.

The apartment next to Hyde Park and knight bridge subway entrance is opposite to the downtown of Kensington business district in London.

Taking high-level architectural aesthetics as the keynote, using the extreme aesthetic design stroke, create unique urban light and shadow architectural works, and inherit the vision and spirit of a city on the urban central axis| Project renderings.

It leads the luxury houses in New York into the milestone of the new century.

At the same time, it is located on the Kowloon Station of MTR.

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