Special exhibition on engineering consulting and construction services of 2021 service trade fair shows the strength of “built in China”

This year, the topic of engineering consulting and construction services jointly sponsored by Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development and Beijing Municipal Commission of planning and natural resources appeared in Shougang Park as an independent topic for the first time.

    In terms of exhibitors, CSCEC, MCC, China Architectural Design and Research Institute and other world top 500 and industry leaders will show visitors their superb comprehensive engineering and construction service ability with their internationally leading scientific and technological innovation strength and high-level service concept.

This service trade fair is divided into comprehensive exhibition and special exhibition.

Located in Shougang Park, the special exhibition mainly includes 8 special exhibitions, such as telecommunications, computer and information services, financial services, cultural and tourism services, education services, sports services, supply chain and business services, engineering consulting and construction services, health services, etc.

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The exhibition hall will be built into an intelligent hardware experience area full of sense of science and technology, which will bring an immersive digital construction experience to the participants through large screen, sand table, solid model and intelligent equipment.

    In 2021, China International Trade in services Fair (hereinafter referred to as “service trade fair”) will be held in Beijing.

    Tsinghua University, Beijing University of technology, Beijing Architecture University and other domestic institutions of higher learning and many construction related enterprises, as well as more than 200 related units will also come together to provide one-stop and all-round engineering consulting and construction services for the industry.

Excellent achievements and cases such as high-performance green building materials.

An industry comprehensive exhibition, intelligent equipment experience area and enterprise exhibition will be set up in a separate exhibition hall of 4800 square meters.

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    The exhibition will be one of the three themes one belt, one road, and the other is the exhibition area.

The exhibition will be displayed in the following themes: the international leading engineering consulting service and management mode, the construction technology and equipment, the intelligent equipment, the artificial intelligence and the intelligent site construction, the core technology and the intelligent integrated system.

At the same time, the forum will also organize a trade signing ceremony.

    The enterprise exhibition area provides exhibitors with an exhibition platform for scientific and technological innovation and development and engineering construction service capacity, helps enterprises expand business opportunities, provides a window for the world to understand China Construction and China quality, and creates a “China Construction” brand.

As one of the eight special exhibitions, this year’s special topic of engineering consulting and construction services will be independently unveiled in Shougang park for the first time from September 3 to 7, showing the technical strength and service ability of “built in China” in the 4800 square meter exhibition area.

New technologies, new models and new achievements in various fields under the development trend of digitization, networking and intelligence will be displayed.

Special forum and engineering consultation to meet the needs of construction services     In terms of special forums, with the theme of “smart construction and green development”, the special forum on engineering consulting and construction services of 2021 trade in services will invite well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and academicians of Chinese Academy of engineering, Stanford University and British Architecture Research Institute to hold two “smart construction and green development summit forums” to talk about “the future of architecture”.

    The intelligent equipment experience area mainly displays the advanced construction equipment, intelligent equipment and other equipment and equipment, the new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence and AI, the open interactive experience area in various fields of urban comprehensive management such as smart home, green ecological home and smart Park, and shows the development process and achievements of scientific and technological innovation in the field of engineering consulting and construction services in a concrete and all-round way.

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In addition, the simulation model of intelligent engineering equipment and the building computer room for assembling 3D printing will also appear in the exhibition area.

A probe into the construction mystery of super project      The special exhibition area of engineering consulting and construction services of 2021 service trade fair is also a novel trip to deeply experience the charm of construction engineering.

Visitors can also learn architectural knowledge through various interactive touch devices.

    As the largest comprehensive exhibition in the field of global service trade, the service trade fair has developed into an important platform for spreading ideas, connecting supply and demand, sharing business opportunities and promoting development in the field of international service trade.

     One belt, one road project, city renovation, Winter Olympic project and “one belt and one way” project will be presented in the whole exhibition hall, which will enable visitors to get a better understanding of the construction secrets of the new era.

    At the same time, visitors can also personally experience advanced equipment such as construction robots and extended reality wearable devices at the venue, and explore the construction mystery of super projects with digital means such as light and shadow interaction.

The 4800 square meter exhibition area of engineering consulting of China International Trade in services fair shows the strength of “built in China”      In 2020, the special topic of construction services made its debut in the service trade fair, driving the signing amount of 30.3 billion yuan.


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