School enterprise cooperation | promoting the development of green building industry

Zhang Guangjun expressed the hope to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the field of prefabricated buildings, and jointly look for cooperation opportunities in the direction of new technologies and new topics through the school enterprise cooperation platform.

In order to promote exchanges between the two sides of school enterprise cooperation and deepen Hebei University of science and technology and engineering’s understanding of the group company’s enterprise development, construction and innovation strength, Zhang Guangjun, director of the Department of construction engineering of Hebei University of science and technology and engineering, and his party recently visited the green construction industry exhibition area for investigation and exchange.

Zhang Guangjun listened carefully to the development status of the group company and the vision of future development cooperation, and fully and effectively communicated the form and content of school enterprise cooperation.

Wang long, the person in charge of the green building industry exhibition area, explained the operation process of prefabricated buildings in detail, and introduced the great advantages of prefabricated buildings in improving production efficiency, saving production cost, energy conservation and environmental protection compared with traditional brick concrete and reinforced concrete operations.

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It is more in line with the requirements of green buildings and has greater market potential.

This visit and research activity has played an important role in deepening mutual understanding between schools and enterprises, promoting school enterprise cooperation, consolidating the achievements of school enterprise cooperation, giving full play to the resource advantages of both sides and forming a good cooperation model.

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