In 2021, these 10 art museum buildings in China can be called world-class!




While appreciating works of art, it also provides a new perspective and feeling to look at the world.

M + Museum m + is not only a new museum, but also a cultural center integrating art, design, architecture and dynamic images of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Its wave shape creates a sense of rhythm and movement along the main axis of the park.


According to the space requirements of the show and exhibition hall, the original 9m square column grid is transformed into a long-span structure; The flat long shear wall column is not only a structural technological innovation, but also one of the formal characteristics of the building.

The warm and humid environment at low latitude and high altitude has shaped the unique lifestyle of local people – after work, people dance in the fields, sing in the mountains, and their outdoor life forms a colorful picture of life.

He wants to create a quiet land here.

This article has sorted out 10 art spaces worth visiting, such as the latest art museum in 2021, to appreciate with you.

The design inspiration comes from China’s ancient understanding of the universe and philosophy, and integrates the use of light in western architecture and the characteristics of Lingnan area.



It is not far from the city and closer to life.

Source: new micro design editor: Zhan Xiaodong reviewed by: Xia Yu – Notice on holding the sixth double carbon capacity building training “zero carbon elite class” * click the link to learn about the course details: Notice on holding the sixth double carbon capacity building training “zero carbon elite class”, it is recommended to read urban natural art: the “past and present” of 10 oil tank silos around the world 1-12 16 cases at home and abroad tell you the difference between “road” and “street”? 1-102021 top ten urban renewal design cases at home and abroad: revitalizing old buildings! 1-5 welcome to Shanghai transformation release.

Unconsciously, you will feel the beauty of life.



Thread Swivel Eye

The architecture and garden of the art museum echo the concept of community art ecology and help urban development with contemporary art.

The territory occupies an area of 4 hectares and presents as a medium composed of warm white granite, which is combined in a way reminiscent of irregular “ice cracks”.

At the bottom of the center is a low-rise building.

The exquisite perforation design of the facade is reminiscent of Chinese traditional craft wood carving and ivory carving.

The facade design brings a flickering visual effect to the center, just like the glittering sea under the sun.

Pudong Art Museum Pudong art museum is a territory, and the territory itself is the Pudong Art Museum.

At the position where it meets the water surface, the color of the stones becomes whiter.

He art museum and art museum are another masterpiece of Tadao Ando in China.

Tiangang Art Center sows, takes root and grows in the countryside.

The territory is adjacent to the Huangpu River in the West.

The old and new volumes of the Jingdezhen Jiangxi Academy of painting art museum are in harmony in texture and proportion, but in terms of internal space, architectural details and material structure, they show architectural skills belonging to different times, forming harmonious but different design effects, and implanting contemporary expressions into the whole Millennium historical block.

This case of YAYING Fashion Art Center is essentially a transformation project.

As the gathering place of human spiritual civilization, the Art Museum & Art Museum has been given too many symbols and symbols.

It covers all the spaces, methods and activities related to displaying and viewing these media.


It can give people a sense of slowing down, experience, dialogue, sharing and tasting art and the beauty of life.

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An original ecological ancient village is integrating fashion and art into “simplicity”.

Tag · Xihai Art Museum tag · Xihai art museum is a non-profit art organization.

Yang Liping performing arts center the Performing Arts Center is located between Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake in Dali.

It is designed by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel and jointly built by the French landscape designer Jill clement.

The design of the Performing Arts Center of Bao’an cultural district is inspired by the long and narrow base close to the bay.

A circular art museum is the “lead” of all these changes.

Exhibition halls of different sizes and other different types of rooms are independently arranged in the art museum, surrounded by glass corridors to form multiple courtyards.

The design idea of Jining art museum is to implant the organic curve shape into the large-area roof, which naturally continues the organic landscape in the park.


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