Strengthen night inspection and do a good job in dust control of construction sites in high tech Zone

Jining high tech Zone of urban rural development and Transportation Bureau     In order to actively deal with the recent continuous adverse meteorological conditions and do a good job in the prevention and control of air pollution at the construction sites of the high tech Zone, the Bureau of urban and rural development and transportation earnestly implements the arrangements and arrangements of the city and district, actively takes effective measures, increases secret visits and night inspections, effectively responds to the continuous pollution process, controls and mitigates the harm caused by air pollution, and ensures environmental safety and people’s health.

Notify the person in charge of the construction site at the first time, rectify within a time limit, and organize forces to conduct on-site re inspection to ensure that one place is found and one place is rectified.

The negative typical problems found in law enforcement inspection shall be notified and exposed in time to further guide enterprises to implement the main responsibility and strictly control dust.

    In the next step, our bureau will strengthen the special inspection of dust control in combination with public reports, media exposure and other clues, improve the dust pollution prevention and control responsibility system of industry supervision, territorial responsibility and hierarchical management, and go all out to fight the blue sky defense war of high-tech zone…

    First, strengthen pollution control.

Arrange special personnel to manage the online dust monitoring platform and release monitoring information in time.

    Third, strengthen publicity and guidance.

Cast In Loop

From November 2, a deputy director led the team every day to organize forces to carry out large-scale night inspections and unannounced visits to all construction sites, correct problems in time and resolutely curb dust pollution on construction sites.

    Second, make good use of scientific and technological means.


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