Good news | seven works of the school of architecture and urban planning of Chongqing University won the Gold Award in the 2021wupenicity

The international competition of wufenicity urban design student homework and the international competition of Urban Sustainability Research Report are organized by the world urban planning education network  、 UNESCO icitywebsite It is jointly held by and Guihua magazine.

Taking “competitive ring” and “intelligent equipment competitive node” as the core, the scheme divides the venue into five parts: intelligent equipment theme block, immersive amusement block, interactive service area, intelligent manufacturing laboratory and future intelligent manufacturing park, so as to make “intelligent equipment · arena” Become the city’s cultural card, citizen’s ecological park and intelligent manufacturing demonstration base.

XR technology can maximize the expression of reality on the basis of protecting the original ecological style of the ancient town, so that each historical information has its own time and space field and can be displayed in an all-round way Go back to the history of the ancient town over a long period of time.

At the same time, the scheme combines the conditions of the plot, designs three functional interfaces of production, life and ecology, and creates an open platform suitable for research, learning, creation, residence and tourism, depicting the integration of research and residence under the support of intelligent technology in the future, The landscape painting of intelligent human settlement that enters the park and returns to nature.

Finally, it is expected that the innovation of this model can integrate production into citizens’ life, enable citizens to participate in customized production in the whole process, and link the port area with Taizhou urban development, so as to contribute to the construction of smart home in the future and the exploration, practice and goal realization of China’s smart manufacturing in 2035.

The Golden Award Instructor: Yang Liu team members: Zhou Yuqing and Liu Sicheng’s award-winning works show “tracking · tracing”.

The works of “tracking · tracing” designed by Yang Liu, Zhou Yuqing of architecture and urban planning college and Liu Sicheng put forward the concepts of “human trace” and “digital trace” and “human trace” It refers to the real material historical information that will disappear over time, and the human traces can be enhanced and expanded through XR technology, and they can be translated into “digital traces” , i.e.

Golden Award Instructor: Gu Yuanyuan team members: Ma Yingbo and Li Yunting’s award-winning works show “intelligent equipment · arena” under the guidance of Mr.

Gold Award Instructor: Yang Liu team member: Show “hidden” — renewal design of Ciqikou Ancient Town under the concept of hidden wisdom to Ziyin and Xiao Luo’s award-winning works.

Graphic: Typesetting provided by the winning team: reviewed by Xiong Ying : Li Manny Zhu Kerui email: Welcome to the official wechat of the school of architecture and urban planning of Chongqing University..

Gu Yuanyuan and Ma Yingbo of the school of architecture and urban planning, and Li Yunting’s two students participated in the design of “intelligent equipment · arena” to lead the development of the city through the characteristic “intelligent manufacturing” industry of Yongchuan and introduce the pursuit of “competitive” spiritual life and the way of leisure and entertainment, Build a future “smart equipment · arena”, and make the competition popular and diversified through activity planning and venue construction.

Under the guidance of Yang Liu, Xiang Ziyin and Xiao Luo from the school of architecture and urban planning participated in the design of “hidden” ——Under the concept of hidden wisdom, Ciqikou Ancient Town renewal design is based on “hidden wisdom” As a method, on the basis of protecting the traditional style of the ancient town, bring modern science and technology into the life of the ancient town, and improve the habitability and tourism in many directions, so as to skillfully integrate and complement modern development with the protection of the ancient town, so as to avoid the possible impact of intelligent facilities on the style of the ancient town.

Formwork Clamp

The scheme draws lessons from the concepts of smart things and classical gardens, innovatively puts forward the spatial model of human activities in the future smart home – cloud cabin, and creates a “brain center cell” The three-level system realizes the flexible connection and variable movement of the activity space, returns more ground space to nature, and creates a landscape painting environment of the home.

Guided by Ying Wen, Luo Zhanyi of the school of architecture and urban planning, and Yang Zhenming, two students participated in the design of zhizaogang 2035 Huangyan – future smart home urban design for 2035 China Zhizao Taking Huangyan port area of Taizhou as an example, the work explores the Chinese intelligent port mode of production human space Trinity.

This model discusses the intelligent manufacturing mode.

The scheme base is located in wanglonghu new area, Yongchuan District, Chongqing.

In the design process, make full use of the excellent natural environment of the base, explore the urban life mode under the prevalence of driverless technology, and build a future smart home on the wheel according to the planning needs of the new area in the future.

The student team of the school of architecture and urban planning of Chongqing University achieved excellent results and won 7 of the 50 gold awards, ranking first in the number of gold awards.

Golden Award Instructor: Ying Wen’s team members: Luo Zhanyi and Yang Zhenming’s award-winning works show zhizaogang 2035 Huangyan – future smart home urban design for 2035 China Zhizao.

In the renewal and transformation of Ciqikou Ancient Town, it is embodied in the somatosensory game of Mr creative workshop, AR drama performance on the peninsula and the setting of VR memory Museum.

Meet the different needs of different people for the site, and realize personalized customization with the help of technological dynamics.

On September 21, 2021, the gold medal list of the 2021wupenicity “future smart home” urban design student assignment international competition sponsored by the world urban planning education network (wupen), which is composed of the world’s excellent planning colleges and universities, was announced.

Follow the track of people in the past and look for the future.

virtual memory information.

Gold Award Instructor: Hu Wen’s team members: Li Jiahe and Li Ruochen’s award-winning works show constant and variable – variable smart city community based on real-time data feedback Through the concept and technology of smart city, the work constructs a variable smart city community, which can better meet the variable needs of the city while continuing the constant elements of the city; On the one hand, the smart unit is used to make the buildings and public spaces in the community changeable to meet the changing needs of urban residents; On the other hand, based on data collection and real-time feedback regulation, the variability of intelligent units in the community is controlled and guided to ensure that the whole community can continue the constant elements in the city and maintain the characteristics of the city.

Introduction to the award-winning works Gold Award Instructor: Yang Liu team members: Jiang Jieru and Zhang Xinchi.

It aims to encourage the combination of theory and practice, enhance students’ professional ability to combine planning and design knowledge with ecological environment, economic development and social progress, encourage multinational, interprofessional and interprofessional students to form teams to participate, and promote the development of planning and design education and international open communication.

The award-winning works show Xinxing innovative students – Smart Home Design Based on driverless technology, which is designed by Jiang Jieru and Zhang Xinchi of the school of architecture and urban planning under the guidance of Yang Liu and participated in by two students of Xinxing innovative students – Smart Home Design Based on driverless technology Based on the understanding of driverless technology and urban space, the work launched an urban design focusing on the distant future.

Gold Award Instructor: Yang Liu team members: award-winning works by Xie Xinyi and Xu Ziya The product shows “cloud cabin · garden view · landscape room”, which is designed by teacher Yang Liu, Xie Xinyi of the school of architecture and urban planning, and Xu Ziya The project selects the R & D service area of Fenghuang Lake in Yongchuan, Chongqing to carry out an exploratory design on the future smart home.

Based on the intelligent manufacturing connotation of the whole process participatory production of intelligent innovation, intelligent sales and intelligent sales, three intelligent manufacturing space levels of urban area port area plant unit are created, three intelligent innovation intelligent sales units and two intelligent sales units are formed in the base, and the space and form of intelligent manufacturing mode are designed.


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