Construction budget adjustment method!

First, compare the difference between the construction content and scale of the preliminary design estimate approved by the competent department and the construction content and scale of the construction drawing design, confirm the increased quantities caused by the change of design depth and scope, determine the unit price of quantities according to the construction contract or market price, and form the adjusted estimate.

Special attention should be paid to the design changes of the foundation, wall, beam column, roof and other parts of the construction project with relatively large quantities, whether there are major changes in the amount of nuclear practical steel, and the impact of the price fluctuation of building materials on the cost.

The installation cost shall first determine the quantities, which shall be calculated according to the actual quantities of the construction on the installation site.

In case of policy adjustment, the policy adjustment shall be included in the equipment installation cost according to the adjustment documents issued by relevant departments.

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In case of inaccuracy in estimation, the installation rate can be confirmed according to the industry standards or the experience of previous project implementation, and the installation cost can be calculated.


The above are the key points of budget estimate adjustment.

Reserve fund is generally recorded as 5% or more of the project cost in the preliminary design stage, and this part of the cost can be used to offset the over estimated investment.

Collect the basis and data for adjusting the budget estimate.

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Other expenses of construction engineering include the management fee, survey and design fee, supervision fee and other expenses of the construction unit.


During the adjustment, it is necessary to compare the differences between the construction drawings and the preliminary design drawings, and calculate the increase or decrease of the quantities of civil works according to the changes of the designer’s drawings.


In the preliminary design stage, the project cost is generally recorded according to the specified rate.

The key point of construction cost adjustment is also to determine the quantities.


Major design changes shall be submitted in writing to the competent department for approval before budgetary estimate adjustment.

To adjust the budget estimate, it is necessary to verify which of the above expenses have occurred and can be settled according to the actual expenditure, and which have not occurred or have occurred but cannot be counted.

Adjustment of construction cost.

The estimate adjuster shall determine the original estimate scale according to the approval of the project management department for the preliminary design estimate of the project, collect the preliminary design documents and construction drawing design documents, and determine the scope of design change; Go to the construction site to understand the earthwork, transportation distance of building materials, unit price of labor, unit price of building materials, etc; Master the bills or vouchers of office equipment expenses, travel and transportation expenses and other expenses incurred by the construction unit on site, determine the amount of the management fee of the construction unit, and explain the important equipment or conditions to be noted.

Adjustment of installation fee.

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Adjustment of other expenses.


Other costs include construction costs and reserve funds.

Verify the scope and content of the adjusted budget estimate.


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