[memory] architecture can be read: this building on the Bank of Yuanxiang lake has beauty and scholarly fragrance

Extending to the outdoor reading corridor, you can have a panoramic view of the beauty of Yuanxiang Lake by reading, thinking and meditation beside simple tables and chairs.

Click the book cover on the electronic screen, Book Introduction and.

With the mission of inheriting culture and making reading “within reach”, Jiading District Library has created reading promotion brands loved by readers, such as “Jiatu lecture”, “pinle afternoon tea” and “weekend story meeting”, constantly bringing new reading experience to the public.

Looking down from the air, the roof of the whole building is undulating and scattered, just like an open book, which is spread high and low on the huge desk, which well expounds the use nature of the building.

The building follows the courtyard layout and formal logic of traditional folk houses in the south of the Yangtze River, cuts and divides the whole building, and uses a sloping roof, so that the internal space of the building is exposed out of the window through high glass to better absorb natural lighting.

The high and wide sloping roof on the second floor, transparent glass French windows and low bookshelves make people feel comfortable “breathing” when they are in it.

The facade of the external wall of the building is mostly made of cyan gray “kiln change bread brick”.

The kiln brick is shaped like an arc of gray tile with rough texture.

The building features multiple service areas, separation of dynamic and static.

Scaffolding Screw Jack Nut

From the first floor to the second floor, all reading spaces are mainly made of warm wood.

Like reading, have you punched your card? ↓ the roof of the building itself looks like open books.

Jiading District Library is located between Yuanxiang lake and Ziqi Donglai Park in Jiading new town.

Modern Chinese lines are simple and convergent, giving people a sense of simplicity and openness.

It is a typical courtyard building in the south of the Yangtze River.

As a popular online card punching place for citizens, an endless stream of citizens are attracted by it.

The digital reading experience area passes through the wide hall, and the digital reading experience area comes into view.

It is surrounded by verdant vegetation and quiet environment.

The building is designed by internationally renowned designers, and the gray roof looks like open books; The elegant and simple arc kiln bricks on the facade complement the glass curtain wall of modern buildings, which is the epitome of the “integration of ancient charm and modern temperament” in Jiading.

The Jiading District Library has a construction area of 20100 square meters, 1524 reading seats, 1.85 million books in its collection, full coverage of wireless network signals in the library, and the use of RFID (radio frequency identification technology) self-service borrowing equipment, serving more than 1.6 million readers per year, borrowing and returning nearly 2.6 million books, and holding more than 700 reading promotion activities.

It is stacked and concave convex all over the wall, emitting a simple and elegant atmosphere.

This shady, elegant and quiet library is not only a cultural landmark of Jiading New Town, but also a good place for citizens’ cultural leisure on holidays.

Service areas such as children’s library, general literature borrowing room and multimedia literature borrowing area are separated from each other to ensure that readers of different needs and ages can enjoy each other without interference.


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