New starting point and new journey – Sichuan Yuanhai Zhonghe Construction Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established

In the future, the two sides will fully explore the new path of work innovation and practical combination in accordance with the principle of “complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development”, combine the local advantages of Dingsheng Zhongwei with the professional brand advantages of Yuanhai Holding, bring more high-quality new consulting services to partners in Sichuan, and contribute to the development of local consulting industry.

After the establishment of Qiangqiang United Yuanhai Zhonghe Chairman Chang Hengyuan Haizhong General Manager Xue Leiyuan Haizhong will provide local partners with full-business chain consulting services, mainly including cost consulting, engineering supervision, engineering surveying and mapping, BIM consulting, etc., to create a new model of the engineering consulting industry.

The year 2023 is the opening year of the second and third plan of Yuanhai Holdings, and also the new starting point of Yuanhai’s new struggle.

Cao Peicai, Chairman of Yuanhai Holdings, Wang Tingxian, General Manager of Yuanhai Zhonghe, Zhao Min, General Manager of Management, Chang Heng, Chairman of Yuanhai Zhonghe, Xue Lei, General Manager of Yuanhai Zhonghe, and others attended the entry ceremony and jointly cut the ribbon for the opening of Yuanhai Zhonghe.

In the future, all employees of Yuanhai Zhonghe will continue to adhere to the professional spirit, work together and seize every minute to build Yuanhai Zhonghe into a leading enterprise in the consulting industry in southwest China, and repay customers, shareholders and employees with professional services and excellent performance.

On January 7, 2023.01.07, Yuanhai Zhonghe 1 was officially established.

Cao Peicai, chairman of Yuanhai Holdings, said in his speech that the establishment of Yuanhai Zhonghe is an important measure for Yuanhai Holdings to layout the country and build a leading domestic engineering consulting brand.

Yuanhai Holdings will continue to make efforts in the fields of specialization, digitalization, platformization, etc., further transform to the general consulting business, introduce business in batches through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other channels, and rapidly promote the enterprise strategy..

It is time for Yuanhai to join forces.

On January 7, the entry ceremony of Sichuan Yuanhai Zhonghe Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

General Manager Xue Lei said that the establishment of Yuanhai Zhonghe is an important milestone for Yuanhai Holdings in the southwest region and even in its overall layout.

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He hoped that this cooperation could further upgrade the brand of Yuanhai, establish and improve the strategic cooperation mechanism of both sides in all directions, wide areas and deep levels, and help to realize the second and third plan of Yuanhai and realize the leapfrog development of enterprises of both sides.

He hoped that all colleagues of Yuanhai Zhonghe would boldly explore, integrate resources, make good use of the existing business advantages and brand effects of Yuanhai Holdings, make good use of the geographical and policy advantages of Chengdu, and make good use of the strategic adjustment of the country in relevant policies, Realize the new brilliance of Yuanhai Zhonghe development! Chang Heng, chairman of Yuanhai Zhonghe, and Xue Lei, general manager, respectively addressed the ceremony.

Yuanhai Zhonghe is a joint venture between Yuanhai Holding and Dingsheng Zhongwei.

Chairman Chang Heng mentioned in his speech that the country will take urbanization strategy and urbanization construction as the new development focus in the next five years, which is bound to usher in the peak of the development of the domestic engineering construction industry once again.

(hereinafter referred to as Yuanhai Zhonghe) was successfully held.


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