Many single buildings have been built! The cover of the great Xi’an North Cross is accelerating to cash

two    As a historical ancient city and a popular online City, Xi’an spans an area of 10000 mu in the north.

  Based on this, in 2021, Evergrande will go north to build a “world cultural, tourism and health resort” – Shaanxi Evergrande international health city, which integrates multiple functions such as residence, leisure, entertainment, culture, tourism and health care, with a super scale of more than 10000 mu, “cultural tourism + health care” and eight top supporting facilities.

It is a business card project of Xi’an North Cross.

It is the nearest opportunity for ordinary people to share the city dividend and cross the super city in the North!   Real map IV of Shaanxi Evergrande International Health City    Construction progress breaks concerns.

In the planning of greater Xi’an, Sanyuan has been given the historical mission of building the north gate and sub center of the city.

Today, the price of surrounding commercial houses has exceeded 80000 yuan / m2; In 2012, Evergrande Haihua island was approved.

Life is not only in front of you, but also poetry and distant fields.

Public data show that in the five years since the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, the whole tourist resort has received more than 83 million tourists, realized tourism revenue of more than 40 billion yuan, realized tax revenue of about 2.6 billion, and created 15000 direct jobs.

Sanyuan has been regarded as the gateway of Guanzhong since ancient times.

Shaanxi Evergrande international health city complies with the grand plan of the North span of Xi’an in the new millennium, fills the gap of the super cultural and tourism project of Xi’an with a grand plan of 10000 mu, and helps the North span development of the city.

At that time, the price of surrounding commercial houses was only 18000 yuan / m2.

In addition, the construction progress of the residential part of the project has not fallen at all.

The introduction of super projects, with the characteristics of super large volume, all-round planning and comprehensive renewal, is undoubtedly one of the best schemes to help regional development.

At that time, there was almost no new housing market around.

Aerial view of Shaanxi Evergrande international health city, including: About 139000 ㎡ health Valley, about 173000 ㎡ dream children’s paradise, about 136000 ㎡ wonderful cultural and Expo Park, about 224000 ㎡, Evergrande water park, about 169000 ㎡ colorful tourism world, about 98000 ㎡ gluttonous food world, about 155000 ㎡ ecological hot spring town and about 360000 ㎡ modern agricultural science park.

Evergrande dahaihua island from a beach to today’s cultural tourism resort shows that Evergrande has the strength, ability and sincerity to build super cultural tourism projects.

Therefore, it is not difficult to explain that since the surrender, the sales of Shaanxi Evergrande international health city have been booming all the way.

In the list of popular scenic spots, Shanghai Disney is the perennial “top of the screen”.

  Supporting schematic diagram of Shaanxi Evergrande international health city | third, in the market, dividend opportunities.

Vanke, rongchuang, Evergrande and other major real estate enterprises have launched the blueprint of cultural tourism giant ships.

Combing the value of Shaanxi Evergrande international health city, the following three points are particularly prominent:   Schematic diagram of Shaanxi Evergrande international health urban area | first, it is located in the city and crosses a masterpiece in the north.

Since its appearance, Shaanxi Evergrande international health city has attracted great attention and heated discussion in the whole city, and has also been favored by home buyers.

Suites with a unit price of 15000 yuan / night in the park often need to be booked in advance…

There is a long line of tourists.

The whole Shaanxi Evergrande international health city, in addition to the eight top supporting facilities under the two IP’s of culture, tourism and health care, is also planned to have park green space, commercial supporting facilities, educational resources, medical resources, quality housing, etc.

Real map of children’s fun camp | real map of children’s dream island | real map of children’s anti Doucheng | real map of National Medical Museum | real map of tea house | real map of catering workshop | the so-called “hearing is false, seeing is real”..

Shaanxi Evergrande international health city can be regarded as the “version 2.0” of cultural tourism park iteration! Why do you say that? In the traditional cultural tourism projects, it mainly focuses on the interaction, entertainment and experience of tourism, focusing on playing.

It also comes from the construction speed of Shaanxi Evergrande international health city.

It has rich historical context and tourism resources.

Under the national policy of great health, Hengda has implanted the “health” IP into the cultural tourism projects to create the first cultural tourism and health park with the theme of “cultural tourism + health”.

Up to now, it has only been more than three months.

Among the top 20 national real estate sales list in 2020, 12 belong to cultural and tourism projects, which shows their popularity.

one    The cultural tourism outlet has swept the national cultural tourism economy, and the wind is booming in the past two years.

A project needs to queue for several hours.

3    The cultural and tourism giant ship is of great significance and stands on the air outlet.

When Shaanxi Evergrande international health city is realized, it will also be a time for the comprehensive innovation of Sanyuan’s urban development, appearance and supporting facilities to change the regional temperament with one project.

Today, the house price has been the same as that in the central urban area; In 2011, Shanghai Disney started construction.

However, there is a lack of a world-class cultural and tourism park like Shanghai Disneyland and Shenzhen happy valley.

Because cultural and tourism projects often invest hundreds of billions and trillions, only these industry giants have the strength to operate and have enough experience to operate and maintain.

On top of this, there is the famous “Qujiang model” in front of China and the screen brushing network of “Datang never night city”, and the cultural and tourism industry has ushered in explosive growth.

Of course, cultural tourism projects also have their own “hidden danger”, that is, fulfillment.

As a project with unlimited energy above the tuyere, Shaanxi Evergrande international health city, in addition to enjoying the dividends of urban development, is undoubtedly a lifestyle Innovation for Sanyuan people.

it is called culture and tourism, which is actually the same as the planning of a big city.

As we all know, the project of Shaanxi Evergrande international health city only surfaced in May this year.

This is not an example.

Before the opening of Guangzhou Changlong tourist resort in 2006, the price of commercial houses in the surrounding areas was only 3000 yuan per square meter.

Disney Magic Kingdom receives 20.96 million tourists per year, California Disneyland receives 18.67 million tourists per year, Tokyo Disneyland receives 17.91 million tourists per year, Chimelong ocean Kingdom receives 11.74 million tourists per year, and Hong Kong Disneyland receives 6.7 million tourists per year   The popularity of tourist destinations has also driven the rapid development of industries, supporting facilities and economy in the region.

It is far away to cash the urban spillover bonus alone.

Looking at the real estate market, it is not difficult to find that none of the cultural and tourism projects in the past two years are not leading real estate enterprises such as Vanke, rongchuang and Evergrande.

For people in greater Xi’an, at the moment when house prices have been rising for 64 months, it is also an opportunity to exchange time for quality life.

What Shaanxi Evergrande international health city brings is to take a full vacation, then pack up and start again…

Halfen Frimeda

Shaanxi Evergrande international health city is undoubtedly the leader in this regard.

  Tuyuan network | second, regional and all-round development.

After all, projects that occupy the tuyere and have unlimited potential, sit on super supporting facilities, but have an ultra-low threshold are also rare in Xi’an.

Today, the price of commercial housing has reached 25000 yuan / m2.

On the one hand, it is the relaxation and pleasure of the mind, and on the other hand, it is the maintenance and recovery of the body texture.

After the real landscape garden demonstration area of the project, some single buildings in the eight top supporting facilities of Shaanxi Evergrande international health city, such as children’s fun camp, children’s Dream Island, children’s anti US city, National Medical Museum, tea house and catering workshop, It has been fully completed.

Real estate is no exception.

  The real picture of Shaanxi Evergrande international health city | this trust comes from Evergrande’s strength and cultural tourism operation experience.


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