Reading business from architecture to see how new town business innovates the future scene of urban life

As a silent expression form of space carrier, it can intuitively present the thinking of commercial operators.

Open the “time journey”, the first layer by layer commercial space design in Nanjing.

When I came to Wuyue Plaza in Jianye, Nanjing, I found that combined with the positioning of the project “dynamic and diversified urban reception hall”, the new town business is innovating the future scene of urban life through architectural space and leading a new direction of urban life in the future://   01.

Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza focuses on excavating the local culture, combines the architecture with the cultural characteristics of the city, moves a water canal running through the indoor and outdoor into the shopping center, creates a 400m long Qinhuai Water Street theme Street on the B1 floor, and draws lessons from the architectural forms around the Qinhuai River in Nanjing to integrate pavilions, platforms, pavilions, pavilions, corridors The boat and other elements were moved into the design of different areas on B1 floor to create three theme scenes: Hui fan Pavilion, Quxi xuanliu and dock light Market: Hui fan Pavilion – as a node connecting indoor and outdoor water streets, the traditional hall design combined with the creation of stage to form a space gathering and create an excellent show for the brand and a small rest station for customers.

Location, location, location (geographical location) is one of the most important proverbs in business, that is, in the traditional business environment, business depends more on the external business district environment (geographical location).

Siam Tiandi shopping center is known as the most “luxury” shopping center in Thailand.

Qu Dejun, CO president of new town business, summarizes “mall + X”.

People are not traffic, but scenes, real, specific and unique emotions and feelings”.

It was built at a cost of 54 billion baht.

   It is reported that the project takes “time journey” as the design concept and combines the historical context of Nanjing’s “ancient capital of Six Dynasties”.

It not only has a full-scale brand, but also creates a water market in the mall to attract tourists from all over the world to go sightseeing and punch in.

The Jiangnan style of Qinhuai River is cleverly applied to make the underground elevator hall and toilet full of retro feeling//   02.

Focus on Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza and Shenyang Shenbei Wuyue Plaza, so as to interpret mall + X! Source|   Author of winshang (ID: winshang) | picture source of Ye Miao Miao|   Wu Sheng, founder of new town business scene laboratory and initiator of new species experiment plan, once mentioned in his speech that “today’s business should return to every detail related to people.

How can commercial operators capture the trend and return to every detail related to people? In this regard, the new town business responds with “mall + X”.

While meeting the needs of one-stop shopping experience, Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza accurately positioned the project as a light pleasure and living attraction field for exquisite consumer groups, and built a 7x24h all-time ideal life circle around the three key words of “quality, fashion and social”, so as to provide consumers with a dynamic and diversified urban reception hall.

Even in the current digital intelligence era, the influence of geographical location on commercial success can not be underestimated.

It is a wonderful integration of tradition and modernity.

Through the combination of business forms such as city square, pedestrian street, shopping center (representing the present) and office apartment (representing the future), the time axis of the past, present and future runs through the commercial complex based on respect for history and culture, Through modern architectural techniques and historical dialogue, inject fresh fashion vitality into the project and its surroundings, and create a modern urban commercial complex in line with international standards.

The project not only has a traffic network leading to the whole city, but also has direct access to line 2 and line 9 (under construction) in the future; The infrastructure of public facilities such as cultural centers, universities, parks and scenic spots is perfect, and the regional development is mature; The gathering of enterprise headquarters and high-end high-quality residential areas…

Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza also follows this commercial layout principle.

It is located in the core business district of Hexi CBD, the second largest business district in East China, with an overall volume of more than 360000 square meters, covering hotels, office buildings, shopping centers and open blocks.

Under the brand development gene of “one Wuyue Plaza, changing one city”, Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza, combined with its unique geographical advantages, takes advantage of the trend to create a new commercial a + flagship commercial complex.

From the facade, Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza adopts the combination of streamline line design elements and glass curtain wall, adding the interactive effect of light and shadow.

Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza creates an immersive space along the Qinhuai River bank, brings boating experience to consumers, opens a modern journey through the old times and with a great modern flavor, creates a slow and interesting place in fast-paced urban life, and makes the commercial space a truly stoppable habitat.

The design of Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza will carry history and show the future.

This also means that the consumer groups around the project are diversified, including business white-collar workers, the young generation of new forces in Colleges and universities, and family residential people who pay attention to quality life and have strong consumption power.

It is worth mentioning that the elevator hall and toilet on B1 floor are also deliberately designed differently from other floors.

Waco Scaffold Frames

The third space is a concept put forward by American sociologist Leo denberg in his book the best place.

With the rise of China’s new generation of consumers, quality consumption, spiritual and cultural consumption and enjoyment consumption have become the mainstream trend of consumption.

In order to better meet the dual experience of consumers’ interest and emotion, Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza strongly invites three international top design companies, callisonrtkl, benoy and Hassell, Australia, to create an urban space with emotional realization and fashion fashion from planning, architecture, landscape to interior design.

The modern sense of fashion is the first impression of everyone here..

The improvement of the quality of life is often manifested in the reduction of the stay time in the first and second living space and the increase of the activity time in the third living space.

How to prolong their stay time is one of the important manifestations of improving people’s quality of life, and it is also a subject that commercial operators need to think about.

Quxixuan stream – through the Situational Design of glass waterwheel, Qinhuai street and catering along the river, visitors can feel different space atmosphere in the cruise ship; Dock light Market – using the pillars falling on the water, it is designed as a walking lantern to create a traditional festival atmosphere, add interest to the space, and cooperate with lights, music and fountains to bring more pleasant experience to the whole cruise.

Dig deep into the local culture and create the first Qinhuai waterfront immersion interactive space building in China.

As the place representative of the third space, shopping center provides consumers with shopping, leisure, social networking, experience and other services.

A large space carrying leisure, social and shopping functions and a thematic business format and space form a mall + X model, so that each mall has a different X and different innovative composite space.

It emphasizes that the most important living space in modern cities is actually a variety of informal gathering places (the third space) besides the home (the first space) and the workplace (the second space).

Under this concept, Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza and Shenyang Shenbei Wuyue Plaza, which will appear on September 10, have made innovation and upgrading in multiple dimensions from the aspects of architecture and spatial scenes, bringing different sensory experiences to the quality customers and new generation consumers who pay attention to experience and scene consumption.

You can intuitively feel this concept when you enter it.

To improve people’s quality of life, we must consider three living spaces at the same time.

Scene experience interprets the infinite charm of business with architecture.


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