Building structure “steel” capping! “Chengmai financial center building”, the tallest building under construction in Shenzhen, pierced the

It has the world’s largest production line of the highest generation LCD panel.

The project also innovatively adopts the “single tower and multi cage construction elevator technology” “Giant column hydraulic climbing protective screen construction technology”, “hydraulic climbing unloading platform technology”, “pump pressure wireless monitoring technology”, “magnetic slow drop safety escape device” and many other industry-leading technologies.

It will build the headquarters of the world’s top 500 enterprises with international top standards.

Together, they entered the “three bureau made” representative project in Shenzhen – Shenzhen International Trade Building, which is 160.5 meters high, and created a “Shenzhen speed” of three days and one floor for the tallest building in China.

The whole is expanded outward and then retracted inward.

Shenzhen Taiping financial building is 218m high, with the world’s largest inner courtyard Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (phase I) The total construction area of the project is 1605000 square meters, and the total construction area of T3 terminal of Shenzhen airport, the world’s largest convention and Exhibition Center, is 451000 square meters.

It has become a synonym for China’s reform and opening up.

Sources: China Construction Third Bureau, CCTV, people’s network and Xinhuanet.

The giant column is changed from “V” at the positive and negative zero position The U-shaped transfer node is divided into two to keep the two-way slope growing upward.

03 hard core strength has attracted repeated media attention Relying on its hard core strength, the project has successfully won a large wave of media in the past two years and has been highly concerned by core media such as CCTV and Xinhua News Agency ▲ CCTV instant China Report ▲ Xinhua News Agency’s video report shows that the financial center building of Yuru Yucheng City is extending Shenzhen’s urban skyline with a brand-new appearance! Over the years, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau has always resonated with Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, from the “building corridor of the Third Engineering Bureau” on Renmin South Road to the “headquarters building block” in Futian, from the “high tech project group” in Nanshan to the “landmark project cluster” in Houhai China Construction Third Engineering Bureau used landmark buildings to prove the magnificent course of the construction of Shenzhen special zone.

The layout of steel beams on each floor is different.

It is a super high-rise building integrating office, club and apartment.

The project adheres to the implementation of lean construction system and applies Tekla and other professional software to the “V” of giant columns Finite element analysis was carried out at sexual joints and complex column beam connection joints.

A large number of cutting-edge technologies are integrated and enabled to make the building break through the clouds and dress up Shenzhen’s urban skyline with a unique style.

BIM Technology was used for collision analysis.

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It has a unique shape, surrounded by eight giant columns and towering into the clouds.

After completion, the business center will become Luohu, Shenzhen The new “cover level” construction project in the district adopts the fourth generation “air building machine” – lightweight fulcrum top formwork integration platform independently developed by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau to create a fully functional, green and safe “mobile construction factory” to help the core tube of Chengmai building climb quickly, which improves the construction efficiency by about 30% compared with the traditional formwork system.

Shenzhen Diwang building is 383.95 meters high, creating a “new Shenzhen speed” of two and a half days and one floor China Resources building is 392.5m high, the third tallest building in Shenzhen, Qianhai excellence financial center, 312m high, the first office building in Qianhai, Shenzhen.

It is recommended to read “about structure” Zhang Zheng of Tongji Institute: about the things on the career path “structure has an appointment” issue 2 – Sidi international Gao Ying: I am the “structure has an appointment” issue 3 – you Jian of Huasen company: the choice of “structure has an appointment” when traditional design and innovation ideas collide with each other Phase 4 – Zhao Yange of China Construction and Research Institute: talk about the new salary system and training mode “structure agreement” phase 5 – the car of China Construction Northwest Institute is smooth: there should be “knowing that there are tigers in the mountain and leaning towards the tiger mountain” Universal Studios 20 years! 40 billion! Beijing Universal Studios today officially opened! What is the anti floating anchor structure of the building? 9 of the building structure is 9 dead 8 injured! 5 floor demolition building collapsed, the bus was buried! Building structure attention! Housing Department: since July 1st, no one has been awarded the first class construction engineer’s registration application, the registration profession will be invalid! Warm reminder 1.

A total of 24000 tons of steel structure was completed, including 70 layers of core tube and outer frame, 5 trusses and 7 layers of steel plate shear wall, which is equivalent to 3 Eiffel towers.

Star setting: enter the official account homepage, click the “top” corner, click “set star”, and the official account will appear yellow Pentagram (Android   The same operation as IOS users) on October 30, the frame structure of Shenzhen Chengmai financial center building, the tallest building under construction in Shenzhen, which was undertaken by South China company of China Construction Third Bureau and participated by company 2, was fully capped, inlaying a “bright pearl” in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area.

The Shenzhen Chengmai financial center building project is 388 meters high, with a total construction area of 180000 square meters and 37 meters.

02 lean construction forging “steel muscles and iron bones” The steel structure of the project is a giant column frame core tube structure.

The total construction area of Shenzhen Huaxing photoelectric T7 project is 596000 square meters.

Straight Anchor

Since the establishment of Shenzhen, the single public building with the largest area is “the first gate in the South” of Shenzhen Luohu port The customs clearance capacity has increased from 7 million person times a year to about 20 million person times.

Finally, the construction problem was successfully solved.

On the same day, the “air building making machine” technology adopted by the project was published in the new media special report of people’s Daily – Great made in China ▲ click the video to watch great made in China 01 science and technology can dress up the city skyline.

The ultra deep foundation pit is rare in China.

Four ring trusses and one outrigger truss are set on the ground.

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About 50000 detailed design drawings of steel structure were installed in 668 days.

The overall structure is extremely complex and the construction is difficult.

The operation center of Shenzhen stock exchange is 245.8m high, with the world’s largest aerial cantilever platform.

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