Symposium on experience sharing of Youth League branch secretaries of the College of architectural engineering — Youth League style

Hou Yajie, Secretary of the 2001 Youth League branch, gave a detailed explanation on the development of the Youth League Day activities, shared many novel forms of the Youth League Day activities and matters needing attention in the development, as well as how to better complete the work of the Youth League branch.

At the same time, it also calls on the League branch of our college to actively lead the league members to participate in the youth learning theme League class.

At the same time, he asked the League branch secretaries to keep in mind their mission, keep down-to-earth and seek truth from facts, clarify their responsibilities, improve their political awareness and theoretical cultivation, strengthen the ideological construction of the League organization, and forge ahead in carrying out various activities, Earnestly implement various tasks.

Zhao Zhuolin, the instructor of the general League branch, the representative of the general League branch and the representative of the 20th level league branch participated in this symposium.

Lifting Anchor

Interior design 2003 League branch secretary Duan Yibo systematically introduced the daily work of the League branch secretary to the younger brothers and sisters, so that the younger brothers and sisters had a deeper understanding of the work of the League branch.

Han Qian, Secretary of interior design 2006 League branch, introduced the purpose and significance of the League Day activities, specifically showed us how she planned and organized several League Day activities carried out by her classmates, and shared how to carry out the fun of the League Day activities and the methods to mobilize the enthusiasm of the league members.

There are many differences between college and high school in life, study and work.

It is very necessary for them to know more about college life and work.


In order to make the 21st level league branch adapt to the life and related work of the University as soon as possible and make the work of the League more smoothly, this symposium was held in the library on the fourth floor of the international exchange center on the evening of November 2.

The symposium was presided over by Zhao Zeqi, school secretary.

       Interior Design 2005 League Secretary Wang Hongyu explained and communicated in detail with the League Secretary of each class on the operation of the youth university learning system and the information management of League members.

The review and reflection plan of the Youth League branch secretary symposium is unfamiliar to the level 21 Youth League branch secretary who is not proficient in branch management.

It is believed that the successful convening of the symposium will lay a good foundation for the youth learning of level 21 League branch management.

Zhao Zhuolin, the guidance teacher of the General Youth League branch, put forward relevant opinions and suggestions around the statistical results of “Youth Learning” and the upload of wisdom league construction.

The on-site meeting of the symposium ended with a consensus reached after discussion.

Appeal to our young students to really get into their minds and hearts,   Take learning as a habit, sing the main melody and carry forward positive energy.


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