Sichuan deshengfu Construction Labor Service Co., Ltd

Treat work seriously and carefully.

Good communication and expression skills, strong customer service awareness; 4.

Working experience in finance or accounting; 3.

Be down-to-earth, serious and responsible.

Corresponding construction experience is preferred; 3.

Integrity, dedication, strong induction ability, teamwork ability, and strong resistance to pressure; 5.

Contact: Yu Zong    13349596261 work address: Zhuhai Tip: pay attention to the talent market every day, which is conducive to salary increase and promotion! At present, 50000 + people have paid attention to joining us                Click the bottom left corner[. Sichuan deshengfu construction services Co., Ltd   Hire accountant      2   Salary: 4000-6000 yuan / month requirements: 1.

Lifting Anchor

Interested parties can contact us by telephone.

Fresh graduates are acceptable.

Those who can be engaged in the construction industry for a long time are preferred; 2.

Clerk and cashier   1 salary: 3000-5000 yuan / month or above, hold the post, and buy insurance after becoming a regular driver   2    Treatment: 5000-6000 yuan / month requirements: limited to men, able to accept business trips, hardworking and obey the arrangement of the company’s leaders.

cashier      2   Treatment: 4000-5000 yuan / month requirements: proficient in office software and can make daily accounts; Two to three years working experience.

Major in finance and accounting, college degree or above; 2.

Contact: Li Shi    thirteen billion nine hundred and eighty-seven million one hundred and twenty-five thousand eight hundred and ten            Address: construction worker, 705, building A2, Fortune Center, third city, Shuntong Avenue, Guandu District     8   Treatment: 5000-8000 yuan / month requirements: 1.


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