Remember the architectural firm that participated in the design of Beijing Daxing airport?

In developing a real-time demonstration project for the Aliyev cultural center in Azerbaijan, zhvrgroup, the professional research department of Zhaha Hadid architecture firm, uses real-time ray tracing and rendering with the help of nvidiartx to create complex architectural designs, such as curved appearance, wavy walls and access to the Central Museum The cross bridge between the auditorium and the library provides more possibilities for the process of architectural design.

In order to show the complex details and design of the project, zhvr created a real-time demonstration driven by RTX to show how the team can take advantage of the advantages of real-time computing visualization and visual fidelity.

“Designers can design seven hours a day, and then they can easily show their creativity in one hour and introduce it to management and customers successively.” These customer-oriented presentations have made great progress in fluency today, thanks to the twinmotion function in the preemptive experience stage: the presenter cloud service.

Aliyev cultural center in Azerbaijan.

The Opus Hotel in Dubai and the SOHO of Beijing Galaxy are all the works of this firm.

“With new tools like twinmotion, real-time technology has become the mainstream for the public,” said designer Marko margeta, “For designers, the advantage of using twinmotion is that the interface is simple, the design scene can be easily displayed like playing a game, and there is no need to worry about various technical problems usually associated with real-time technology, such as lighting mapping, PBR workflow and other technical details.” These advantages soon made the tool popular in practice.

In any project, designing the appearance of buildings is a key and challenging work.

“Twinmotion was introduced into early design research.

Therefore, Zaha Hadid Architects focused on this real-time architectural visualization tool twinmotion and obtained this convenient and fast method to show the design to internal personnel and customers of the enterprise.

Hi ~ new friends, remember to pay attention to us.

Real time demonstration of architectural design with nvidiartx technology.

“NVIDIA,” said Jose Pareja Gomez, a technical expert at zhvrgroup   The function of RTX has played an important role in enhancing creativity and promoting the development of design.

Furthermore, Zaha Hadid Architects has already incorporated VR visualization using illusory engine into its design process.

The picture is provided by zhvrgroup.

In order to make architects enthusiastically accept the new way of working brought by new tools, the ease of use of software is very important.

At the same time, they explore the design in the VR environment, and use RTX to complete the rendering of the design.

Helmut Kinzler, senior consultant and VR director of Zaha Hadid Architects, and his team are integrating the use of real-time ray tracing into the design process.

Now it has started to use twinmotion, a fast real-time tool, to quickly iterate on ideas and communicate with stakeholders.

Headquartered in London, Zaha Hadid architectural firm, known as the “curve Queen”, has created a series of famous architectural designs.

Zaha Hadid Architects has handled projects of various scales all over the world, implemented the spirit of breaking through the Convention of its founder of the same name, and is famous for its novel experimental design.

Designers were liberated and could spend more time on polishing the project design to a higher level.

At the beginning, Zaha Hadid Architects was one of the design teams that proposed the conceptual scheme behind the airport construction.

The firm uses nvidiartx ™ Technology, with the help of ray tracing, the breakthrough design is promoted to a more advanced level.

Lifting Eye Anchor

The presenter cloud service enables anyone to access twinmotion projects through a web browser on any windows or MacOS desktop computer, or iPad and Android tablet computer anytime, anywhere, without having to.

The advanced computing of RTX forces allows designers to continuously cooperate with each other to control and modify complex designs.

Since its completion, everyone has been familiar with this once wanghong airport, and there are not a few people taking off and landing from Daxing airport.

For the company’s current projects, they use Unreal Engine to render pictures and designs, and view the rendered models in real time with NVIDIA RTX.


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