Standard for safety inspection of building construction jgj59-2011 training and case analysis 190 PPT (editable and downloadable)

100 copies of the latest construction engineering technical disclosure (civil engineering part) 0.

Zhengge’s recommendation (click the following title to view the specific contents): 0.

Latest practical data of “model guide” Daquan series of “fabricated building” 2021 edition sharing (word + PPT + PDF + video) 2021 Engineering practice reference Baidu network disk member source: the network copyright belongs to the original author, and there are at the end of the article.

Fabricated Frame Scaffold

2020 version of the latest complete set of management system forms of a well-known real estate development enterprise 5.

“Hanging basket” series data sharing (word + PPT + video) 8.

The “fabricated building” series information 2021 version 0.

23 famous enterprises “safe and civilized construction site planning scheme” 7.

“Masonry engineering” latest boutique series data sharing 6.

“Curtain wall engineering” latest boutique series data sharing 3.

The latest information of aluminum alloy formwork 2021 version 0.

100 latest 2021 version of complete construction scheme for mechanical and electrical installation 0.

“Civil air defense engineering” latest boutique series data sharing 4.

Series of attached lifting scaffolds (climbing frames) 10.

560 copies of the latest information “QC achievement report of Construction Engineering” sharing 2.

The “steel structure engineering” latest boutique series information sharing 1.

Data collection on prevention and control of common quality problems in construction engineering 9.


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