Hebei encourages rural houses to adopt passive ultra-low energy consumption building standards

Vigorously apply green energy-saving technologies and encourage qualified places to adopt rural low-energy residential building design standards and passive ultra-low-energy residential building energy-saving standards.

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In combination with the local reality, select new structural systems, seismic fortification measures and building energy-saving technologies suitable for safety, construction economy and advanced application, and form a technology integration list for farmers to choose.

Scientific design of rural housing.

In order to further promote the implementation of the project to improve the quality of rural housing construction in the province, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development recently issued the work plan for further developing the pilot demonstration of rural housing construction (hereinafter referred to as the plan), which expanded the scope to each county (city, district) on the basis of 344 rural housing construction pilot villages in 28 pilot counties (cities, districts) in our province Five pilot villages were identified.


The plan specifies several key tasks for further carrying out the pilot demonstration work of rural housing construction, and requires all localities to implement one household, one file, one village and one summary for the pilot demonstration construction of rural housing, and register the selection of design scheme, application of new structural system, construction method, completion acceptance and other contents item by item according to the establishment of town (township) level standing book and county-level list, And establish a file information system.

Promote green environmental protection and energy-saving technologies.

The pilot demonstration construction of rural housing strictly implements the village planning, earnestly implements the relevant technical guidelines, and selects the design scheme with modern function, cost economy, structural safety, green environmental protection and local architectural characteristics.

The newly-built and reconstructed rural housing shall meet the requirements of seismic fortification and building energy saving, and have local building characteristics.

Source: Office of Hebei Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development Author: Zhou Shan, there will be the last Certification Seminar (29 sessions) this year, which will be held in Beijing from December 5 to 10.

All Phi students of the seminar can share their speeches on the passive housing project they participate in at the conference.

The recommended design scheme shall be used for the construction of rural housing in the pilot village, and appropriate new structural system, green environmental protection construction mode and building energy-saving technology shall be adopted.

David has more than 16 years of experience in passive housing projects, participated in hundreds of passive housing projects, and is also a Phi passive housing project certifier.

The plan proposes that 344 pilot villages in 28 pilot counties (cities and districts) continue to carry out the pilot demonstration of rural housing construction.

For the existing rural housing transformation, the transformation technology with small interference, short construction period, simple process, low transformation cost and good effect shall be popularized and applied.

Pay attention to the protection of local features and create a living environment to retain “nostalgia”.

Double Ended Ferrule

At the same time, the students who pass the assessment and certification in each period will also be made public on the official website of the seminar “passive house” for Industry inquiry.

Do a good job in construction management services such as design scheme recommendation, construction craftsman training, construction site inspection and completion acceptance, and constantly improve the construction management ability and level.

Through the comprehensive pilot demonstration of rural housing construction, we will vigorously promote the application of new structural systems, green construction methods and building energy-saving technologies, improve the quality of rural housing construction and the level of management and service capacity, and improve the production and living conditions of farmers.

The green building institute regularly holds the “China passive house designer conference” and the “heated debate passive house” exchange meeting every year.

Improve the management system.


We will improve the working mechanism of rural housing construction management services, implement the construction management service system focusing on the “five systems” of rural housing construction management, housing structure design, construction craftsman management, technical service team guidance and completion acceptance, and improve the level of construction management services.

Guide counties (cities and districts) to organize the preparation of technical documents such as general Atlas of local rural housing construction and detailed drawing of construction structure in combination with local reality, and provide rural housing design schemes below the quota for building people free of charge.

Improve the construction level.

Interested partners can hurry up to sign up: teaching content certification lecturer David mikuleko, Austrian, architectural physics expert, Phi certification lecturer, LED and completed the first Phi certified office building project in China.

Actively adopt new structural systems such as prefabricated concrete structure and light steel structure and green and environmental protection construction methods, strictly implement the technical requirements related to seismic fortification, so as to ensure the quality and safety of rural housing construction and reduce building energy consumption.

By the end of September 2022, all cities and xiong’an new area will guide relevant counties (cities and districts) to build a number of livable demonstration rural houses with modern functions, local style, cost economy, safe structure and green environmental protection, so as to play a leading role in demonstration.

Implement the overall architectural characteristics of the village and the control requirements for rural housing construction, and protect the natural ecological environment of the village.

At present, 12 sessions have been held with more than 5000 participants.

In addition, in other counties (cities and districts), each county (city and district) determines 5 pilot villages to carry out the pilot demonstration of rural housing construction.

David participated in the new handout study of some passive housing projects and arranged the study time   Study place from December 5 to 9, 2021   Beijing Yonghe building [28 Andingmen East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, from entrance / exit b of Yonghegong station of Metro Line 2]   RMB 8800 [including data fee, lunch and tea] certification examination time   Examination fee from 9:00 to 12:00 on December 10, 2021   RMB 3200 [this examination is a full Chinese certification examination authorized by phi] phpp software fee   1500 yuan [Phi requires reference students to purchase the software] more opportunities.


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