Secretary General Shan HENGWEI visited Shanghai Tongmu construction group and had friendly exchanges with Chairman Zhou Wei


Zhou Wei, chairman of the board of directors, is currently a postdoctoral researcher of the Institute of intelligent materials and structures of Tongji University.


The company’s executives and technical directors all have doctorate and master’s degrees in architecture related majors of Tongji University.

Adhering to the spirit of “working together in the same boat and constantly striving for self-improvement” of Tongji for a century, Tongji Tongmu has jointly established “Tongji Tongmu building materials and Structure Research Institute” with Tongji University, which is committed to the innovation and application of building science and technology.

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Founded in 2011, Shanghai Tongmu Construction Group always adheres to the development concept of technology-based and science and technology first, and makes unremitting efforts to build a beautiful and green home.

The two sides reached extensive cooperation intentions on how entrepreneur daily and China entrepreneur association can help Tongmu Construction Group in top-level design, strategic development planning, whole process planning and lengthening the industrial chain, local government resources, market expansion and financial capital docking.

On the morning of November 5, the executive vice president of entrepreneur daily and the Secretary General of China Entrepreneur Association inspected Tongmu Construction Group in Shanghai and had friendly exchanges with Dr.

Zhou Wei, postdoctoral researcher of Institute of intelligent materials and structures of Tongji University and chairman of Shanghai Tongmu construction group.

He has completed consulting services for hundreds of millions of square meters of various projects, saved billions of social resources and reduced carbon emissions by nearly one million tons…

“Tongji Tongmu” originates from “Tongji civil engineering”.

Tongmu building has always been a practitioner of energy-saving, low-carbon and intelligent buildings.

Zhou Wei, chairman of the board, took the lead in putting forward the concept and implementation path of carbon emission reduction in the whole life cycle of construction projects in China.


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