Recruitment of Xi’an teachers, 2021 recruitment announcement of Audit Office of Xi’an University of architecture and technology

Participate in daily audit and supervision such as investigation, bidding and acceptance; 6.

Application materials: (1) recruitment registration form; (2) Scanned copies of both sides of ID card; (3) Scanned copies of education and degree certificates at each stage; (4) Proof of work experience (contract or unit certificate, except for fresh graduates); (5) Materials proving that the applicant meets the requirements of post responsibilities; (6) Performance, awards, employment experience and other supporting materials (provided voluntarily).

relevant instructions 1.


Collect and sort out audit related documents, materials and data; 3.

Job Responsibilities 1.

After the expiration of the publicity period, if there is no objection or the problems reflected are found to be untrue, the employment procedures shall be handled.

Publicity and Employment: after the school studies and determines the personnel to be employed, the publicity shall be carried out.

Be able to meet the requirements of frequent work at the construction and project site; 8.

According to the measures for the implementation of open recruitment of staff by public institutions in Shaanxi Province and the measures for the management of non staffing personnel of Xi’an University of architecture and Technology (for Trial Implementation), with the approval of the University, Xi’an University of architecture and technology plans to publicly recruit a staff under the labor contract system.

The contract employment period of personnel under the labor contract system is three years and the probation period is six months.

Be responsible for the construction, maintenance and network publicity of the audit office’s website; 5.

Cheng of the Audit Office Tel.: 029-82202271 VI.

Do a good job in audit file management; 4.

Deadline: 24:00 on November 19, 2021 (subject to the email time) 4.

Contact: Mr.

Attachment: recruitment registration form.doc (if any, please click“.

Love audit work, have good professional ethics and comprehensive quality, adhere to principles, love and dedication, abide by discipline and law, be honest and self-discipline; 6.

Comprehensive investigation: the investigation consists of written examination and interview.

Experience in auditing or accounting is preferred.

Have the nationality of the people’s Republic of China, abide by discipline and law, and have good conduct; 2.

Party members have a firm political position, strong organizational discipline and good ideological and political quality; 3.

Qualification examination: the employing unit shall conduct qualification examination on the applicants, and determine the qualified candidates by integrating the performance, qualifications and other conditions of the candidates; 3.

Have good document writing ability, communication and coordination ability, and master information management and office automation skills; 7.

Matters not covered in this recruitment announcement shall be implemented with reference to the implementation measures for open recruitment of staff by public institutions in Shaanxi Province and relevant documents of the University.

Individual registration: candidates will send the application materials to the registration mailbox with the compressed file “Application Audit Office – name – graduation College – Education” before the deadline according to the registration method; 2.

3、 Recruitment conditions 1.

The school pays social insurance for the employed personnel, handles Campus All-in-one Card and book borrowing card, and the treatment and employment period management shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant documents of the school; 2.

Graduate students with master’s degree or above recognized by the national education administrative department, and the graduation certificate and degree certificate must be obtained before September 30, 2022, with professional background in audit or finance and accounting; 4.

The relevant matters are announced as follows: I Posts and number of people: 1 staff member of the financial and economic responsibility audit section of the audit division 2.

Physical examination and political examination: the proposed personnel must undergo physical examination in a secondary hospital.

Under the age of 28 (born after November 5, 1993), healthy, honest, willing to contribute, team spirit and strong sense of responsibility; 5.

After passing the examination, the employer and the personnel department shall review the qualification conditions, and investigate the candidates’ Ideological and political, moral quality and practical performance; 5.


The written examination mainly investigates relevant professional knowledge and writing level; The interview is a structured interview, which mainly tests the candidates’ language expression, logical thinking, comprehensive analysis, person post matching degree, etc; 4.

4、 Recruitment procedure 1.

Under the leadership of the section chief, participate in relevant audit tasks such as regular project audit, special audit investigation and scientific research settlement review and signing; 2.

Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

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Registration mailbox: 644260229@qq.comxjdrsk registration materials should be sent to the above two mailboxes at the same time.

5、 Registration method 1.


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