Linyi construction qualification extension

The goal of the reform is to complete construction projects in our city within this year The approval system framework and management system reduce the approval time by more than half according to the specified process, from the current average of more than 200 working days to 120 working days.

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  Recently, the municipal Party committee and municipal government held the city’s optimization of the business environment deployment conference and promulgated the 100 Nanjing optimization business environment.

We started in Chengdu and took Shu as the mainland.

  “The goal we put forward is not only higher than the national standard, but also faster than Xiamen, which has the most obvious reform effect at present.” the relevant person in charge of the laws and Regulations Department of the Municipal Construction Commission said.

The nine measures to optimize the business environment are reflected in the plan.

provides you with all-round supply: the latest construction information.

General contracting qualification for construction: construction, municipal administration, electric power, electromechanical equipment, highway, railway, port and waterway, water conservancy and hydropower, mining, metallurgical quality, chemical petroleum and communication.

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The meeting put forward the following measures: vigorously promoting the reform of “letting go of services”, reducing the administrative approval matters to the maximum extent, and vigorously promoting the “Internet plus government services”.

Such a reform goal will achieve “the best service before acceptance and the shortest time after acceptance” in the approval of engineering projects.

Planned cities: Beijing (Beijing), Tianjin (Tianjin), Heilongjiang (HEI), Jilin (Ji), Liaoning (Liao), Hebei (Ji), Henan (Yu) and Shandong (Lu) , Shanxi (Jin), Shaanxi (Shan), Inner Mongolia (Inner Mongolia), Ningxia (ning), Gansu (long, GaN), Xinjiang (Xin), Qinghai (Qing).

It is a company approved and registered by the Administration for Industry and commerce, providing qualification, qualification handling, qualification agency, qualification transfer of various construction engineering qualifications, handling safety production licenses and providing talent services for construction enterprises (class I and class II constructor, middle and senior engineer, technician certificate, etc.) Enterprise management consulting company, providing efficient resource services for enterprise development.

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  It is reported that at present, our city has established a leading group office for the pilot reform of engineering construction project approval system, and issued the pilot implementation plan for the reform of engineering construction project approval system in Nanjing in August.

On the basis of fully learning from the existing experience, our city plans to establish an online collaborative service platform with multiple compliance.

“864” The reform goal has been affirmed by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

  Why change? Transform government functions and promote the reform of “release, control and service”   According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Construction Commission, due to many approval procedures, many subjects and long time, engineering construction projects have always been the pain point and difficulty of the administrative approval reform.


The reform covers the whole process of examination and approval of engineering construction projects (including from project initiation to completion acceptance and access services of public facilities) It mainly includes projects such as housing construction and urban infrastructure, excluding special projects and major projects in the fields of transportation, water conservancy and energy; it covers approval matters such as administrative licensing and other types of matters such as technical review, intermediary services, municipal public services and filing, and promotes process optimization and standardization.

With more than 10 years of intensive cultivation, our business has covered the whole southwest region and promoted to the whole country.

Zhaocai cat enterprise processing consulting (Sichuan) Co., Ltd.

Nanjing is the only pilot city in Jiangsu Province for the reform of the approval system.

At present, there are more than 500 employees, the proportion of professional and technical personnel is more than 60%, and the number of registered technical talents with medium and high-grade technical titles and more than class I qualifications ranks in the forefront of the operation.

Secondly, digital joint drawing review will be implemented, which will be transmitted through the network to realize non-contact approval.

Our city has put forward the “864” approval time limit target: that is, by the end of 2018, except for major engineering construction projects (such as subway, bridge and super high-rise building), government investment projects (such as affordable housing and municipal infrastructure) The approval time is controlled within 80 working days from the stage of applying for the land planning license to handling the property right registration; the approval time for general social investment projects is controlled within 60 working days from obtaining the land to handling the property right registration; the approval time for social investment projects and small-scale social investment projects with transferring land is controlled within 40 working days from obtaining the land to handling the property right registration Within working days.

All the services that were not publicly available offline will be transferred to online, so as to be open and transparent.

Com) is referred to as zhaocaimao.

  Combined with these requirements, what will happen to the city’s construction project approval system? The relevant person in charge of the municipal construction commission made a clear interpretation.

Professional contracting qualification for construction: Environmental protection, decoration, electromechanical equipment, building curtain wall, ancient architecture and city And road lighting, electronics and intelligence, fire protection, waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, steel structure, formwork and scaffold, foundation, lifting equipment, ready mixed concrete, bridge, tunnel, highway pavement, highway subgrade, highway transportation, railway electricity, railway track laying and girder erection, railway electrification, airport runway, civil aviation air traffic control, airport visual navigation aid, port and coast, waterway Navigable buildings, port and shipping equipment and water traffic management, hydraulic metal structure fabrication and equipment, water conservancy and hydropower electromechanical equipment, river and lake regulation, power transmission and transformation, nuclear engineering, offshore oil and special services.

At the same time, one-stop service will be implemented Charging service: set up a one-stop service window in the government hall for all government fees involved in the approval of engineering construction projects…

Tibet (Tibet), Hubei (Hubei), Anhui (Anhui), Jiangsu (Jiangsu), Shanghai (Shanghai), Zhejiang (Zhejiang), Fujian (min), Hunan (Hunan), Jiangxi (GAN), Sichuan (Sichuan, Shu), Chongqing (Chongqing) , Guizhou (Guizhou, Guizhou), Yunnan (Yunnan, Yunnan), Guangdong (Guangdong), Guangxi (Guangxi), Hainan (Hainan), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Macao (Macao) and Taiwan (Taiwan).

Zhaocai cat headquarters is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, a “small Hong Kong” in Southwest China, enjoying the “land of abundance” Laudatory name.

, integrate resources, reengineer processes, integrate data, promote one window acceptance, one network access and one-time success, and make greater efforts to facilitate people and benefit enterprises.

  Our city is listed as a pilot city for the reform of the examination and approval system of engineering construction projects   It is understood that in the first half of this year, the general office of the State Council issued the notice on carrying out the pilot reform of the examination and approval system of engineering construction projects, and our city and 16 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing were listed as the pilot.


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