Residence is the most noble and important topic in architecture 𞓜 2021 Pritzker award winner’s acceptance speech

It can change everything.

  We can do this through inaction.

The following is the Chinese translation of the 2021 Pritzker Prize winner’s acceptance speech.

This year’s general prize winners Anne lacaton and Jean Philippe vassal delivered their acceptance speeches.

We are very interested in many of them, although their working methods are very different: Jacques hondrat, Mies van der Rohe, Frey Otto, Ichio Ishihara, Cedric price, Lenny gayuster, Jean lenodi, Hans Sharon, Lina Bo Bati, Paul Mendes Da Rocha, una Friedman, Giancarlo de Carlo Construction, telecommunications, etc.

There, we developed a strong curiosity about working based on extant objects, and understood the added value and rich connotation it provides.

This is the fertile ground for invention and the origin of ecology and economy.

  Regarding the existing as the current materials has profoundly changed the way we conceive of the city.

  Architecture and architects have brought us great inspiration.

  Modernists regard residence as the core subject of architecture.

It is direct, free, living and active, whether it is used to build a shelter, locate a water intake, divide a piece of land, use sunlight or shadow, or organize a group of people.

  Living is about each of us.

   03 what should be done? Whatshouldbedone?   The understanding, reorganization and reconstruction of components can create new space and new discoveries.

  The status quo is the only resource, the only thing that exists.

  Their architecture gives us a perfect balance between construction, environment and the people living there.

The two general prize winners explained their thoughts on the issue of “residence” with 10 subtitles.

  The lightness and simplicity reflected in these basic scenes have passed through time and shown in the evolution and history of architecture.

  The current situation is updated every day.

However, they faced too many difficulties at that time, such as excessive industrialization and the mistake of “whiteboard method”.

Because it will host a project.

Our solution is to build conditions for freedom through space and achieve a positive and open relationship with the climate; And start with the status quo and don’t dismantle anything.

Combination Plate Nut

  This is a fundamental subversion of the previous perspective.

Residence is the starting point of all our projects, both in function and purpose.

  We also recognize the importance of observing things as closely and accurately as possible.

  It is in Africa that we understand that the status quo is such an important resource.

On September 14, the Pritzker Architecture Award released a special video of the award ceremony.

  The current space or climate is the current material where we live.

  Today, we can continue the (good) architectural principles in the city, no longer through replacement, but through addition and superposition, pay attention to the current situation and trust the residents.

  In the alhambra palace garden in Granada, the cold greenhouse in Lisbon and many other places, there are some memories of freshness.

The same is true of the richness we observed in houses in Buenos Aires, streets in Tokyo, agricultural greenhouses and botanical gardens.

  05 the existing as a present material   The experience of Niger is a universal and continuous reflection.

  What we call “Inaction” here is very fine, subtle and accurate.

  We also understand that we can not rely on materials to create a space, but through attitude, use, movement, and its relationship with the current surroundings.

People come and go, gather in one place, choose a place to stay, talk, work and rest, thus creating space.

We need to constantly observe, pay high attention to its changes, and always adapt to it.

These practices are even more meaningless today.

This is the essence of our work.

  In this regard, the legacy of modernity and a series of experiments that provide free plane, rich space, transparency and light for all provide a lot of valuable experience.

People always look at cities from a forward-looking or conservative perspective, but never from the current situation.

  Taking the existing materials as the current materials enables us to open our eyes and actively and accurately consider each situation without wearing colored glasses and using the viewfinder frame..

  At home on the 10th floor of the city, sit in the living room, get up and go to the winter garden to see if the plants are well.

  Walk around your apartment.

Two people sat on the bench, facing the sea.

In public space, look at this person, look at that person, or something   These simple scenes inspire us to think about their qualities and the sense of freedom they inspire.

  The years we spent in Niger have broadened our horizons and made us understand that “existence is the status quo”.

Jean Philippe vassal said, “as the bearer of living quality, architecture should be designed for everyone.” “the current situation is the only resource.” Anne lakaton said, “demolition is a short-term behavior, a simple and rough decision.” “living is the most noble and important issue in architecture.” in addition to the speech of the winners, The video also includes speeches by French President Emmanuel macron, chairman of Hyatt foundation Thomas Pritzker and other people, as well as congratulations from some previous general prize winners.

  This “Inaction” is based on deep concern and massive observation of the current situation of the city, and does not carry any preconceived opinions or judgments.

  As the bearer of living quality, architecture should be designed for everyone.

It’s amazing.

We know that we must grasp the current situation and think in our own shoes.

Everyone is equally concerned and eager about the strength and spatial richness of the residence.

△ Anne lacarton (left) and Jean Philippe vassal (right)   © Laurent Chalet – the full text of the award speech 01 as the “present” of the project   Present   as   aProject   Look up, look at the sky through the transparent roof, and see the clouds and birds passing by.

However, the future is now.

Further west is the crane at Dunkirk port, and to the East is the beach and sea of malloresbans.

   02 where are we today? Wheredowestandtoday?   The long history of architecture flows today, and the housing problem has become a primary topic.

Because this framework is flexible, bright and open.

Overlooking the street and city from the balcony, looking at the sky in the distance, and then returning to the bedroom from the balcony.

   04 lessons from Niger   We spent the first five years of our career in Niger and gained very important experience.

Or simply assemble three branches, unfold a piece of fabric and lay a carpet.

The status quo is composed of some changing situations, pleasant emotions and the use of goods.

  This balance applies to all societies and matches our understanding of living: there is a comfortable feeling, which is completely carried by space, what happens in space and the connection between spaces.

This is a philosophical thought of looking at things, which brings our thoughts back to the capacity of reality and living space.

They carry the basic ideal of living, or the feeling of freedom in a space unrelated to function.

Then, one can start improvisation, meet unexpected events, and use his adaptability.


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