Seeing the old buildings on campus, I almost thought I had crossed

The breeze of Peking University wrinkles a lake and the shadow of the tower reflects the long years.

The wonderful historical stories accumulated in the historical buildings highlight the cultural heritage of the campus, Tuan Tuan will take you to experience different architectural beauty from the perspective of historical architecture ~ the old Zhai house of Wuhan University, also known as cherry blossom castle, is the earliest student dormitory of Wuhan University.

It has a Gothic spire porch and three towering stone columns on the left, middle and right The patterns on the oval arch…

The top and wall of building 6 of Henan University are symmetrically arranged, high in the middle and low on both sides, quite in the traditional Chinese architectural style.

People come and go on the bridges.

With the auditorium as the background, the green dome of the auditorium was reflected in the water.

They are the condensation of art and the witness of history.

On the Bank of the Pujiang River of Shanghai University of technology, flowers and trees support the third and fifth red buildings, In the meantime, the Gothic style buildings on the campus still stand in the campus.

The towering Boya tower is a spiritual beacon to illuminate the students’ way forward.

The details of each building outline a medieval atmosphere in the ink south of the Yangtze River.

Yesterday, we enjoyed the quiet “study room” of the “high-quality multimedia” harmony hall “of the” high-value “campus library.

In fact, there are not only modern buildings, but also excellent historical buildings with a long history.

The door bucket outside the porch eaves is set with small mountain flowers and two slopes of iron roof.

The auditorium of Northwest University is located in Taibai campus of Northwest University.

Are also a combination of Chinese and Western architectural techniques, The steadiness and elegance reflects the light of innovation at the beginning of the founding of Henan University.

Walking in a hurry in a reinforced concrete City, as long as we slow down, we can return to history and feel the tranquility Beautiful time, what beautiful buildings do you have in your school? Let’s tell the group about it.

From a distance, the auditorium and the fountain pool looked like two emeralds.

The building structure of the auditorium of Hubei University of traditional Chinese medicine Hubei University of traditional Chinese medicine is square.

The improved Doric column directly supports the porch eaves.

In 2009, it was moved to Shanjian University by using the building translation technology from Bawei all the way to demonstrate the building translation technology, setting the farthest translation record.

On the way to study, there is no longer confusion.

You can find stones, iron There are 25 wooden bridges.

It is the first building level in China The mobile technology exhibition hall is not only a beautiful scenery, but also carries the cultural heritage of the campus.

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“Hubei Peking University Alumni Association”, “Northeast Electric Power University Youth League Committee 54 Sunshine Network”, “Kaifeng culture, broadcasting and Tourism Bureau”, etc,.

According to the regional environment, the house is built along the contour lines of different heights, and the roof is built on a plane using the south slope of lion mountain The stone building of Northeast Electric Power University was built in 1929 and has withstood the baptism of time and the test of guns in the vicissitudes of decades, Solid as before, the stone building silently guards this land.

The appearance of the church is an overlapping three triangles, emphasizing the depth of the building.

There is a “fairy fate of magpie bridge” in the sky of Tsinghua University, and there are bridges in different forms in Tsinghua garden.

The brick concrete structure consists of lobby, left and right gatehouses, left and right corridor rooms, auditorium hall The back hall has a history of more than 70 years.

Since its completion in 1919, the old library of Jiaotong University has become a symbol of Shanghai’s elegant culture with its unique architectural art and charm.

The ancient buildings on the campus perfectly integrate history, science, culture and art.

The auditorium faces south.

Qingshui red brick of Shanghai Jiaotong University Exquisite and elegant, the fragrance of books lingers in the ancient building, and the white relief is set against the shade of trees.

The still water flows deep under the bridge, and the Xia is scattered.

It is not only a witness of the history of Xida, but also a symbol of the long culture of Xida.

The old villa of Shandong Architecture University was built in the 1940s.

The main color of the building is mainly gray.

The sun and moon, including spring, summer, autumn and winter, day and night…

The Jingzheng building of Suzhou University of Suzhou University is a Roman castle building built in 1912.

They are the witness of the vicissitudes of a city.

The old Zhai house is a glass tile building imitating the Potala Palace.

The unique shape is rare in China High architectural art value Southeast University was founded in 1930 in the auditorium of Southeast University, with a pure western classical appearance, The big dome stood by the fountain pool to take photos.

Its plane layout, column style, door and window lintel decoration, vase shaped railing…

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