New work | Quanhong Architecture Research Institute: s life art exhibition hall

The design hopes to experience the crowd in the non fixed streamline, constantly explore the space with their own feelings, and enjoy the appeal brought by the art space at the same time.

At the same time, focus on strengthening cross-border links between design and art related industries.

The open public area is interspersed with space installations with a sense of sculpture ceremony.

The game is in full swing..

Design adheres to the four core concepts, exploration, creation, balance and life.

The stair volume with up-down relationship is used as a connection, which not only serves as the traffic volume for the rise and fall of the space, but also strengthens the role of sculpture in the space.

It is a comprehensive exhibition space integrating practical functions and artistic space characteristics.

The space light and shadow constantly deduce the interactive relationship of light devices over time.

The side local perspective space takes the human visual change as the thinking starting point, and sets up many large and small bays on the visual progression of the internal space.

The difficulty of the project video project is to effectively meet the multi-dimensional needs of its art exhibition space within the appropriate cost, and emphasize the emotional communication between people and space.

An optional suspension corridor is set on the prominent volume of the third floor, which is at the end of the space streamline in space exploration, The relationship between corridor and bridge not only highlights the level of internal space, but also serves as the visual traction end of internal space.

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The design concept sketch scattered building volume conversion space is moderately interspersed with a certain large area platform, and the sculptural treatment of the internal space structure column is integrated.

The artistic edge is interspersed with the close-up of the light.

The mirror above the column is constantly misplaced and reflected with the change of light over time.

The empty corridor bridge corridor and the three-story independent volume design advocate that a good art exhibition space does not deliberately fit a specific decorative style language at present, but focuses on the organizational relationship of the space and the plasticity and change in the future.

The design is people-oriented, based on the exploration of the behavioral relationship between people and space, takes the research of space aesthetics as the implantation method and technique, creates a unique artistic vision and experience space, starts from the actual needs of the project, considers the good mutual integration logical relationship between business and design, and enhances the added value of products.

The rhythm of the line of sight in the organization is not rigid and fixed, and integrates certain spatial art devices for expression.

It is an experimental art project for the reconstruction of architectural space.

In the internal space, strengthen the interaction between light and shadow and the building itself, and strengthen the interaction between installation art and people, with the purpose of strengthening people’s deep impression of the place space.

The exterior design of the project takes the analysis of the light receiving surface of the building environment as the starting point, deliberates the organizational relationship of the building space, appropriately strengthens the level of the internal space, and probes into the functional area.

The architectural space is re planned in the way of internal and external integration, and the architectural structure of the internal space is redesigned.

On the one hand, considering the cost, the two new volumes at the entrance and top are intended to solve the three-dimensional sense of the side vision of the building space, and on the other hand, strengthen the stereotyped impression of the building.

To some extent, the design hopes to remove the traditional indoor and outdoor boundaries.

The whole building space is divided into three floors and arranged in a staggered manner, highlighting the sense of architectural space in terms of appearance.

The structural volume design of the internal space from scratch is intended to deepen consumers’ desire to explore the internal space.

This is the exploration process of de rigidification of exhibition space, step by step, and enjoy each space music chapter.

The transformation of the parallel space of the traffic stairs on one side of the space hall takes the inclined plane of the stairs as the cutting and marking of the space.

The space is intended to awaken the long sleeping site through the reconstruction of the internal and external space of the building and endow it with certain commercial value.

The scope of services includes architecture, interior, space art furnishings, installation art, furniture design, lighting design, etc.

The traffic staircase building itself does not have the visual direction of the main body of the positive long surface, on the contrary, the vision of the moving line of people and vehicles is concentrated on the side, and the building facade does not adopt too much facade language, Based on the original building frame structure, the subtraction strategy is adopted.

The front design of the stairs on the third floor has always focused on highlighting the relationship between people and space.

Quanhong Architecture & associates was recently invited by the owner to design a comprehensive living art exhibition hall in an old building space in Hangzhou, the capital of the Internet.

Under a certain rational design logic, the design process is particularly uncertain at the same time.

The space is like a journey without arrangement.

First floor plan second floor plan third floor plan elevation section project information project name: s living art exhibition hall project type: exhibition space project address: China, Hangzhou design area: 2800 square meters completion time: July 2021 design company: Quanhong Architecture & Associates lighting design: Quanhong Architecture & Associates art exhibition design: qhaart & exhibition project main materials: steel, mirror, glass Art paint project management: Zhu Haizhong image: Cao Yin designer profile Shi Quanhong Quanhong Architecture & Associates founder and design director introduction to ISD master of space art company of London University of the arts Quanhong Architecture & Associates is committed to professional front, middle and back-end integrated services of architectural space based on an international perspective, Focus on the understanding of space art and life to create places and build classic architectural space.


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