Research on prefabricated building based on BIM Technology

(3) The budget cost and actual cost are compared and analyzed.


(4) During the hoisting of the composite plate and composite beam, some components need to be placed on the composite beam, and the laying length generally does not exceed 15mm.

In the actual construction, the actual schedule will be fed back to bim4d schedule management, so as to optimize the subsequent construction schedule.

Application of BIM Technology in construction management BIM Technology can be applied to many aspects in the process of construction management, such as collision detection, 4D construction simulation, etc., and the application of BIM Technology also greatly improves the quality and efficiency of construction management.

Project implementation process due to the characteristics of multi specialty, multi process and multi-party simultaneous construction in the process of prefabricated building construction, before component hoisting construction, how to establish project level BIM team, configure reasonable software and hardware, determine BIM implementation standards and formulate change process based on BIM model are the primary work of BIM implementation.

The input of planned time and actual start time of components can clearly find whether the construction process is ahead or behind.

Collision inspection is mainly reflected in prefabricated components and cast-in-situ components, and the collision mainly occurs in precast slab, precast beam, cast-in-situ beam and cast-in-situ column.

If the laying of the composite plate is slightly longer, it may collide with the stirrup on the upper part of the composite beam.

For the quantities of PC components, the project PC deepening model summarizes the quantities of some components and compares them with PC manufacturers.

If the corresponding precast slab is not known to need corner cutting before hoisting, and the wrong components are hoisted, the cast-in-situ column reinforcement cannot be placed for construction, resulting in the delay of the construction progress.

However, it also has a series of problems such as high drawing requirements of its own prefabricated components and high production progress.

Among them, the quantity of civil engineering reinforcement is 168564.45 yuan, accounting for 3.45%; The difference in quantities of PC components is 45 ㎡, and 10547.31 yuan is omitted, accounting for 10.05%..

(2) PC component process tracking at the same time, the construction process of PC components has many work processes, and the diversity of PC component types and codes will also cause difficulties in construction, resulting in the delay of construction period due to the time delay of a certain link, However, the construction tracking function of BIM platform can realize that the corresponding responsible person is responsible for recording the components in each link.

The building is a prefabricated residential project, and the types of prefabricated components adopted include: laminated floor slab, prefabricated laminated secondary beam, prefabricated staircase, partially prefabricated frame column and prefabricated steel frame.

Accurately control the construction quantities through BIM model, reduce the waste of construction materials and improve the economic benefits of construction.

(5) Collision between superimposed primary and secondary beams when the superimposed main beam meets the superimposed secondary beam, the opening design is required.

Therefore, in the process of construction management of prefabricated buildings, scientific and effective measures should also be taken to reasonably apply BIM Technology.

2.2 the prefabricated 4D construction simulation based on BIM takes zhoushanhe primary school canteen and stormy playground project as an example, the construction period is may, and the construction procedures mainly include PC component hoisting, reinforcement construction, concrete cast-in-situ and measure construction.

With the traditional management method, it can more accurately guide the on-site material allocation, task allocation, labor allocation and improve the economic benefits of the project.

Due to its modularization and assembly, it has created low production cost and fast construction speed, which is widely praised.

BIM construction simulation shall be carried out to optimize the construction process and save the construction period.

Prefabricated structural members especially need BIM model inspection and collision inspection.

Based on BIM Technology, the bill of quantities can be quickly generated through BIM model, and the data can be extracted for analysis.

In this paper, BIM Technology and prefabricated building structure are combined in the construction process to optimize the construction period delay and economic loss caused by component design, production, transportation, hoisting construction and so on.

The reinforcement between the composite slab and the composite beam is optimized by BIM software.

(2) The collision between precast slab and cast-in-situ column and precast slab is mainly reflected in the corner cutting of the column.

In order to clarify the work content and functional division of all participants in the project implementation process and the overall BIM process architecture of the project, the organization chart and task division chart are established.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

If it is found that the opening of the main beam cannot correspond to the size of the superimposed secondary beam during construction, the construction progress will lag and the cost will increase.

2.1 collision inspection based on BIM model (1) BIM model collision inspection BIM model can give rich building information.

The building is a prefabricated residential project, in which the floor prefabrication rate is 38.92%, the primary and secondary beam prefabrication rate is 19.8%, and the column prefabrication rate is 36.62%.

(1) Comparative analysis of quantities of PC components take zhoushanhe primary school canteen and storm playground project as an example, with a total aboveground building area of 6014.74 m2, a building base area of 3355.89 m2 and three floors above the ground.

The quantities of civil engineering, reinforcement and PC components of zhoushanhe primary school canteen and storm playground project are compared with the BIM model.


In addition, the reinforcement of the composite plate may collide with the stirrup of the composite beam, This also requires us to find and solve it in time in the early collision inspection, so as to improve the efficiency and progress in the construction.

(6) Actual benefit BIM based model collision inspection shows better actual benefit than traditional construction drawing inspection.

When establishing each BIM model, it can effectively find the problems existing in the drawings, conduct multi-disciplinary collision inspection, and test the rationality of the spatial location of buildings, structures and electromechanical components.

(1) Rapid statistics of quantities through the simulation of construction progress, the PC components required in the current construction are counted and summarized, and the generation and transportation of PC components are guided according to the stacking conditions of on-site components, so as to meet the construction working face of the project site and the number of components required for construction.

It is found that PC manufacturers have over calculated composite slabs, composite beams and precast columns of nearly 60 m2, and missed calculated precast stairs and precast columns of nearly 100 m2.

Welcome to pay attention to the prefabricated building of the “Digital Professional Committee of urban and rural construction”.

Below, the author briefly analyzes the application of BIM Technology in construction management, in order to fully show the unique advantages of BIM Technology, comprehensively show the role and value of BIM Technology, and prove that the application of BIM Technology in construction management has very positive practical significance for the stable development of prefabricated building construction and construction industry.

If there is collision between prefabricated members during hoisting on the construction site, it is necessary to redesign, produce and process the prefabricated members, which will cause construction delay and economic loss.

In zhoushanhe primary school canteen and storm playground project, there were 5 collisions between laminated plates and cast-in-situ columns, and 4 collisions between laminated primary and secondary beam members.

(3) Precast beam and cast-in-situ column because the composite beam needs to be placed on the cast-in-situ column during hoisting, if the design size is too long, the overlapping arrangement of longitudinal reinforcement of cast-in-situ column will be affected by the composite beam, while the design length of composite beam is too short, additional measures will be taken during later concrete pouring, and the construction process will lead to the increase of construction period and cost, There was no similar collision problem in zhoushanhe primary school canteen and storm playground project.

The collision report is generated through NavisWorks and submitted to the design unit to correct the problems in the drawings in advance and shorten the construction period.

Taking zhoushanhe primary school canteen and stormy playground project as an example, the total aboveground building area is 6014.74 m2, the building base area is 3355.89 m2, there are three floors above the ground, and the seismic fortification intensity of the building is 7 degrees.

2.3 cost management of fabricated structure project based on BIM Technology.


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