Full version! Analysis of the true questions and answers of the 2021 class I constructor’s architectural practice examination

The former has no supporting structure, and the latter three have supporting structures.

Please pay close attention to them after the examination.


Combination Plate Nut

hole forming grouting reinforced soil nails adopt one-time grouting process [reference answer] a [investigation site] 1a415022 foundation pit support construction [analysis] a option.

The main structural measures that do not belong to masonry structure are 0.

12 the correct requirements for the construction of soil nailing wall are () A.

A.15c b.20 ° c.25 ° C d.28 ° C [reference answer] B [investigation and test site] 1a415033 concrete foundation construction [analysis] when removing the thermal insulation cover of mass concrete, the temperature difference between the surface of concrete pouring body and the atmosphere shall not be greater than 20 ° C.

hrb400e, hrbf400e) after the existing rib reinforcement grade.


After summarizing the answers to the real questions of construction practice of class I constructor in 2021, the lecturer of Dali education will broadcast the analysis of the real questions of construction practice of class I constructor from 19:00 to 21:00 on September 15.

shotcrete in the same section is carried out from top to bottom.

increase the elasticity [reference answer] a] 1a414023 characteristics and application of building glass [analysis] the self explosion rate of tempered glass can be greatly reduced by homogenizing the tempered glass (the second heat treatment process).

A small hydration heat B good frost resistance C large shrinkage d high early strength [reference answer] a [investigation site] 1a414011 cement performance and application [analysis] 6 the correct requirement for HRB400 reinforcement is that the standard value of 0 a ultimate strength is not less than 400MPa, B the ratio of measured tensile strength to measured yield strength is not more than C, the ratio of measured yield strength to standard value of yield strength is not more than D, and the total elongation of maximum force is not less than 7 [reference answer] C [investigation site] 1a414012 performance and application of building steel [analysis] according to the national standard, the applicable reinforcement grade for seismic structures with higher requirements is: the reinforcement with E (e.g.

advance support is strictly prohibited.


5 the main characteristics of fly ash cement are ().

After the construction of each layer of soil nailing, option C of the pull-out force of the soil nailing shall be spot checked as required.

The same section shall be from bottom to top, and the primary spraying thickness shall not be greater than 120mm.

In addition to meeting the strength standard value requirements in the table, this kind of reinforcement shall also meet the following requirements: (1) the ratio of the measured tensile strength to the measured yield strength of the reinforcement shall not be less than 1.25 (2) The ratio of the measured yield strength of the reinforcement to the standard value of the yield strength shall not be greater than 1.30.

Option D, the hole grouting reinforced soil nailing shall be constructed by twice grouting process.

Pay attention to the micro signal online communication 17756082807 of the assistant teacher Xu.

the tensioning sequence of prestressed reinforcement of 11 prestressed floor is ().

Now we want to recommend to you the real questions and answers of the 2021 first-class constructor’s architectural practice examination, hoping to help the examinee’s evaluation.


9 the detection method for judging or identifying the geotechnical properties of the bearing stratum at the pile end is o.

7 by homogenizing the tempered glass, it can (a) reduce the self explosion rate, B improve the transparency, C change the optical properties, D.

The construction of soil nailing wall must be followed “Advance support, layered and segmented, layer by layer, closed within a limited time, and over excavation is strictly prohibited In principle, option B is required.

The correct practice of seismic structure of frame structure is 0.

core drilling method B low strain method C high strain method D acoustic transmission method [reference answer] a [investigation site] 1a415032 pile foundation construction [analysis] Core drilling method.

spot check the pull-out force of soil nails after all B.

10 when the thermal insulation cover is removed by mass concrete, the temperature difference between the pouring body surface and the atmosphere shall not be greater than 0.

The operation shall be carried out in sections and pieces in turn.

14 for the slab with a span of 6m and a design concrete strength grade of C30, the compressive strength of the standard cube maintained under the same conditions when removing the bottom formwork shall at least reach ()..

13 the excavation scheme without supporting structure for deep foundation pit engineering is () A central island type B reverse method C box type D sloping [reference answer] d [investigation site] 1a415024 earthwork excavation construction [analysis] the excavation scheme of deep foundation pit engineering mainly includes sloping excavation and central island type (also known as pier excavation, basin excavation and reverse excavation.

A strengthen inner column B short column C strong node d strong beam weak column [reference answer] C investigation and test site] 1a412032 structural seismic design requirements [analysis] for this purpose, a series of measures are taken to design the frame into a ductile frame, abide by strong column, strong node and strong anchorage, avoid short column and strengthened corner column, and the height of the frame should not change suddenly, Avoid weak layers, control the minimum reinforcement ratio and limit the minimum diameter of reinforcement.

For the candidates who take the 2021 class I constructor test, the most concerned problem after the test is the test results.

ring beam B lintel C expansion joint D.

Objective to measure and inspect the concrete strength of the cast-in-place pile length, the sediment thickness at the pile bottom, determine or identify the geotechnical properties of the bearing layer at the pile end, and determine the category of the complete part of the pile body.


mass production B integrated installation C standardized production D modular design [reference answer] d [investigation and test site] 1a413003 prefabricated decoration [analysis] modular design is the foundation of building decoration industrialization 2.


4 industrial buildings are () a dormitory B office building C warehouse D hospital [reference answer] C [investigation and examination site] 1a411011 building classification and composition system [analysis] industrial buildings refer to all kinds of buildings serving industrial production, and can also be called plant buildings, such as production workshop, auxiliary workshop, power room, storage building, etc.

In order to facilitate the examinees to timely understand their own examination situation, pay attention to the micro signal online communication 17756082807 of the assistant teacher, and make further work or learning arrangements, Dali education will sort out the latest information of the real question answers at the first time after the first construction examination for your reference.

8 response measures of engineering project management organization for negative risks a risk assessment B risk identification C risk monitoring d risk avoidance [reference answer] d [investigation and examination site] 1a432051 relevant provisions on construction project management [analysis] The project management organization shall take the following measures to deal with negative risks: risk avoidance; risk mitigation; risk transfer and risk retention.

A main beam primary beam → plate B plate → secondary beam primary beam C secondary beam primary beam primary beam D secondary beam primary slab → main beam [reference answer] B [investigation and test site] 1a415041 concrete structure engineering construction [analysis] the prestressed floor should first tension the floor slab and secondary beam, and then the prestressed reinforcement of the main beam; for the horizontal overlapping members, it should be tensioned layer by layer from top to bottom.

The structural measures of the wall mainly include three aspects, namely expansion joint, settlement joint and ring beam.

The foundation of architectural decoration industrialization is ().

settlement joint [reference answer] B [investigation site] 14412031 structural design requirements [analysis] the structure of masonry structure is a reliable measure to ensure the integrity and structural safety of house structure.

(3) the maximum total stress elongation of the reinforcement shall not be less than 9%.


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