Application of thermal insulation mold block in educational buildings — Jiangqiu Department of Shanghai Songjiang No. 2 kindergarten

The production process is innovative.

After mortise stacking, lightweight aggregate grouting is used.

The total scale of the kindergarten is 18 classes (6 classes in small class, 6 classes in middle class and 6 classes in large class).

on “tackling key problems in the quality of concrete modular block precast wall” Won the third prize of Shanghai key product quality breakthrough achievement in 2021..

The supporting technology is mature and the technical specifications are perfect, forming a complete set of systems from architectural design specifications to construction quality acceptance, which can successfully solve the cold and hot bridge problems of beams, columns, plates and other walls, meet the requirements of building energy conservation, realize the integration of wall self insulation, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive energy-saving effect and comprehensive economic benefits of the whole wall.

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Beautiful garden environment, spacious and bright activity room, children’s activity area corner with rich materials and sufficient space, safe and beautiful outdoor game place, let every child grow up healthily! The external enclosure structure of the project adopts thermal insulation mold block, which places the thermal insulation material inside the block to form a complete whole with the block.

Shanghai Sheshan second kindergarten Jiangqiu Department Sheshan second kindergarten covers a total area of 8120 square meters and a total construction area of 6772 square meters.

The unit weight of the block is 900-950kg / m ³。 The thermal insulation material is placed inside the block to form a complete whole with the block.

It is required to strictly implement the projects that fail to pass the review and filing of construction drawing design documents before November 1, 2020 and the projects that have not started the construction of wall energy-saving works before December 31, 2020.

Its service life is equal to the service life of the wall and even the building, which improves the integrity and safety of the wall.

After the wall is built, it is protected by the concrete material of the block.

On October 13, 2020, Shanghai Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development issued Hu Jian Cai [2020] No.

The park also has conference rooms, multi-function rooms, teaching and workers’ homes, production rooms, sports fields and other activity rooms with good hardware facilities.

539, which published the catalogue of materials prohibited or restricted from production and use in construction projects in Shanghai (the fifth batch).

The wall forms a network structure, improves the overall stiffness of the wall, and effectively solves the problems of “crack, seepage, leakage and thermal insulation” of ordinary blocks.

Review the application of thermal insulation mold block in educational buildings in the past – the self thermal insulation mold block prefabricated wall of Shanghai Pudong No.

The kindergarten is located at No.

The concrete self thermal insulation die block is made of cement and sand as the main raw materials, with built-in thermal insulation materials and special process.

The traditional mortar masonry process is changed.

Each class is equipped with an independent nap room, restaurant, toilet, and teachers have an independent office.

The production process is innovative.

There are about 150 children in the kindergarten (including 3 small classes, 2 middle classes and 1 large class), and 36 teaching staff.

Construction process innovation.

61, Lane 1201, Taoyuan Road, Sheshan Town, adjacent to Sheshan home, which greatly facilitates the surrounding residents and solves the worries of parents.

Six classes are opened this semester.

After the wall is built, it is protected by the concrete material of the block, and its service life is equal to the service life of the wall and even the building, so as to avoid the falling off of the external wall brick and coating, The integrity and safety of the wall are improved.

2 Central Primary School (Shenjiang campus) is listed in the unified technical regulations on the application of external wall thermal insulation system and materials in Shanghai (concrete thermal insulation mold block)   Application of thermal insulation modular block in educational buildings — Construction Technology of external wall thermal insulation structure integration (thermal insulation modular block) of Shanghai Fengxian Wuqiao primary school modular precast wall (modular precast wall) congratulates Shanghai modular construction engineering technology development Co., Ltd.

Under this policy background, wall internal insulation, wall self insulation and external insulation decorative composite board will usher in a new round of development opportunities.


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