Relevant principals of MCC construction research institute came to our company for technical quality exchange

He said that Changgang actively implemented the national “double carbon” requirements and quality and technical control objectives.

It is a large comprehensive scientific research institution in the professional field of Civil Engineering and environmental protection in China.

is subordinate to China Metallurgical Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd., a world top 500 enterprise and a state-owned super large enterprise group supervised by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

Link – MCC Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Yu Zhiliang said that based on the scale, product and geographical basis, Changgang has made great progress in scientific and technological innovation, and relying on the advantages of advanced technology, Changgang has become a “leader” in the low-carbon transformation of the iron and steel industry and construction engineering.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the fine management level of Changgang company, the hierarchical control level of product quality has also been greatly improved.

It is hoped that China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute will give more valuable suggestions on the upgrading of product structure of Changgang company and the differentiated development with surrounding enterprises.

For Changgang, it will help enterprises further promote brand building, accelerate the pace of development, open up the whole industrial chain of steel manufacturing + construction, form upstream and downstream industrial clusters, and lay a solid foundation for participating in stronger market competition.

On September 23, Yu Zhiliang, deputy general manager of MCC testing and Certification Co., Ltd.

After the successful promotion of this concept, for MCC certification company, the brand awareness participating in the high-quality development of enterprises will be improved simultaneously, and the brand effect of “MC certification” will be brought into full play.

has carried out green product certification, evaluation and certification of our company, certification and recognition of high-strength reinforcement, review of our reinforcement production license, comparison of laboratory capacity, professional guidance for our company to improve the inspection level, and quality rating and recognition of our reinforcement products.

Erection Anchor

MCC Construction Research Institute has the idea of jointly building a “building steel quality brand demonstration base” with Changgang.

It is a high-tech enterprise integrating operation, scientific research and technical services.

Guo Xinwen, deputy general manager of the company, received.

At the same time, we hope to provide professional guidance and help for the fine control of the whole process of reinforcement production in our company.

In particular, the operation of the new direct rolling process not only ensures the product quality, but also leads enterprises of the same scale in energy conservation and low-carbon smelting.

For a long time, MCC Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Brand competitiveness is market competitiveness text / picture: Fu Dongsheng editor: Wang Minmin product: Publicity Department of the Party committee..

On the basis of existing brand reputation and excellent product quality, Changgang continuously precipitated brand influence and directly sold more and more steel in national, provincial and municipal key projects.

of MCC Construction Research Institute, and his delegation came to our company to exchange and discuss the company’s product technology quality improvement, double carbon action and the construction of “building quality brand demonstration base”.

Guo Xinwen briefly introduced the work related to the technical quality of the company’s products.


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