Recruitment announcement of first-class construction enterprises! Many posts are waiting for you~

Technical secondary school or above, major in construction engineering, safety engineering management and related; 2.

It has 13 branches and engineering offices, and its branches are located in large and medium-sized cities such as Shenzhen, Chengdu and Hulunbuir.

Recruitment position 1.

is a first-class construction enterprise approved by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

Able to work hard and obey work arrangements.

Professional requirements for fresh graduates of construction engineering and other related majors: Civil Engineering; Education requirements: junior college salary: 5000-8000    Monthly salary recruitment: 5 recruitment object: social talents and fresh students can provide accommodation: Location: Guangdong Guangzhou job description and job requirements: 1.

Major in construction engineering, college degree or above, holding senior professional title of the major; 2.

Strong executive understanding, communication and coordination skills, strong writing skills, and skilled use of office software.

Location: Guizhou Guiyang Job Description: 1.

The salary standard during the probation period is 5000 yuan per month.

Have rich construction experience and management ability, and have been engaged in building construction for more than five years; 4.

Carry out daily inspection on the project quality work to eliminate potential quality hazards; 3.

Provide accommodation: discuss the working place in person: Guizhou Guiyang Yunyan District job description and job requirements: 1.


It has four first-class qualifications: first-class general contracting of housing construction engineering, first-class general contracting of municipal public works, first-class professional contracting of earthwork engineering and first-class professional contracting of decoration engineering.

The registered capital is 100.1948 million yuan.

Full time on duty, good health, strong sense of responsibility, good moral quality and negotiable treatment.

Interested parties can send relevant information to email Or call: (0851) 86824521 Mr.

After becoming a regular, the salary shall be implemented according to the project standard.

College degree or above, major in construction engineering, familiar with relevant laws and regulations, hold the national first-class constructor qualification certificate, and the certificate can be registered or transferred to our company; 2.

Careful and rigorous, strong learning ability, able to bear hardships and stand hard work; 3.

Job description and job requirements: 1.

Warmly welcome your arrival! 2.

Strong organization, coordination and on-site management ability; 3.


It has steel structure engineering, fire-fighting facilities engineering Grade II contracting qualification for building curtain wall engineering.

Education requirements of Senior Engineer (technical director): junior college work experience: 10-15 years salary: 10000-20000    Number of recruiters with monthly salary: 1.

Shim Pack

Hold the post certificate of quality inspector issued by the competent construction administrative department.

Li 2.

Wages are negotiable.

Have received training on construction / quality / safety / environmental protection / management; 5.

Recruitment object: social talents and fresh students.

Age requirements: 35 – working location: Guizhou Guiyang city job description and job requirements: 1.

Education requirements for constructors: unlimited working experience: more than 10 years salary: 8000-15000    Number of recruiters with monthly salary: 1.

Be able to adapt to the working environment of the construction project and work on the construction site for a long time..

College degree or above, major in civil engineering, industrial and civil construction and other related majors; 2.

Age requirement: 35-50 location: Guizhou Guiyang guanshanhu District job description: 1.

The project is located in Nansha, Guangzhou.

Age requirements: 23-35.


The recruitment information brought to you today is Guiyang First Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

If you are talented and willing to join, we will provide you with unlimited space to give full play to your talents.

Chinese and related majors, bachelor degree or above, good image and temperament, and height of more than 160cm; 2.

More than 2 years of working experience as a safety officer in housing construction, with safety officer certificate and class III personnel certificate (C certificate) 4.

Be specifically responsible for the quality and safety production of the site project, and the collection, sorting and management of the project quality and safety data; 2.

1 construction group depends on a group of “Iron Army” teachers.

Fresh graduates majoring in construction engineering, college or bachelor degree or above; 2.

come and see if there is a position suitable for you! Guiyang First Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Salary of first-class constructor (major in construction engineering and Municipal Engineering): 10000-20000    Number of monthly salary recruiters: Several recruiters: social talents and fresh students.

Now Guiyang first construction group is more dynamic and competitive, forming a collection of housing construction projects, municipal roads and bridges, water supply and drainage sewage treatment projects, decoration projects, building curtain walls, asphalt concrete pavement mechanized construction, electromechanical installation projects, fire protection equipment construction projects, hoisting equipment installation projects, earthwork projects, landscaping, financial investment Large enterprises integrating real estate development.

Location: Guizhou Guiyang city.

Salary of quality inspector: discuss the number of recruits in person: 2.

At present, the company is in a period of rapid development and needs a group of professional and technical talents who are talented and good at management.

In order to deepen enterprise reform, strengthen enterprise structure adjustment and move forward to a first-class modern construction enterprise at home and abroad, in December 2006, with the approval of the government, the company was restructured into a joint-stock enterprise with independent operation and self responsibility for its profits and losses; The group company was established in January 2011.

The great development of Guiyang No.

Salary of Safety Officer: 3000-5000    Monthly salary recruitment number: 5 workplace: Guizhou Guiyang job description and job requirements: 1.

Good communication and coordination skills, diligent and dedicated, strong sense of responsibility, and good team spirit; 4.

Specific treatment interview.

Have more than 10 years of working experience in on-site construction, and be familiar with the process and technology of on-site work; 3.

Secretary education requirements: undergraduate work experience: more than 3 years salary: 4000-5000    Number of monthly salary recruiters: 1.

We have always adhered to the employment principle of “not stick to one style, only talent”, adhered to the enterprise spirit of “dedication, innovation, transcendence and dedication”, and adhered to the business philosophy of “based on the main business, strengthening the sidelines and opening the market”, so as to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Founded in 1965, the company is one of the first Jian’an enterprises in Guizhou Province to pass the ISO-9002 international quality system certification and obtain the “safety production license”.

Approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China, it is qualified to operate foreign contracted projects.


More than 3 years working experience in quality and safety management of housing construction engineering; 4.


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