Architecture | the mountain can be visited and the cave can be inhabited, which is the highlight of the home stay design

In the whole conception process of mountain stream house, in addition to the formal problem of how to “imitate the mountain”, what kind of meaning space the architectural form carries is the focus of thinking.

The side hill lies on one side.

▲ mountain stream house appearance ▲ reproduction ▲ remote view building ▲ building mountain stream house along the road in 2018, we finally had the opportunity to actually build a part of this prototype research, that is, mountain stream house.

The base is located in a valley of mountain streams in Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province, with its back against the hillside and facing a stream.

In an irregular form similar to mountains, how to organize space, function and streamline is not the focus, but the building “imitating mountains”, and the scene shaping of living in “holes” is the basic idea of the research.

▲ plan ▲ three single buildings are formed in the site: Front Mountain, back mountain and side mountain ▲ river bank perspective ▲ Front Mountain appearance ▲ back mountain appearance ▲ courtyard   ▲ eaves details ▲ roof tile details ▲ entrance ▲ indoor restaurant ▲ indoor elegant gathering ▲ Front Mountain interior ▲ bedroom ▲ side mountain interior ▲ side mountain interior ▲ back mountain interior ▲ bathroom ▲ Pavilion   ▲ outdoor pool ▲ building part ▲ courtyard night view ▲ building night view ▲ remote view of mountain stream house ▲ aerial view of mountain stream house project drawing ▲ front mountain first floor plan ▲ Front Mountain elevation ▲ back mountain first floor plan ▲ back mountain elevation ▲ side mountain first floor plan ▲ side mountain elevation ▲ wall detail.

▲ original site ▲ aerial view ▲ highway view ▲ building day view   During the implementation of the actual project, according to the specific use needs, three single buildings and three “mountains” with different postures are formed in the site.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

Concrete frame structure is the most suitable construction system for local construction, so as to form a mass relationship with scattered height, which is the logic and result of prototype research.

The driving force of architectural form is determined by many factors.

The front mountain is gentle and stretches horizontally.

The back mountain is towering and comes to my face.

Tonglu mountain stream house: the reproduction form of traditional landscape painting is one of the most important contents of architecture, and it is also the most direct architectural carrier for architects to express design ideas.

With the slow innovation of construction technology, the exploration and expression of culture is an important exploration towards cultural self-confidence in the national strategy in recent years.

A circular “moon pond” in the corner becomes a swimming pool in practical function.

Due to the limitation of the site red line, it is in a triangular layout.


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