Chen zetao, judge of 2020 / 2021 WAF World Architecture Festival, design of the workshop: outstanding office projects are not just dazzling

The memory is really wonderful.

Liu Xiaodu, the planner of urban practice organization, took us into the team as the convener of cluster design; Qian Yuan, President of Vanke City Research Institute, Party A of the project, played a decisive role in the front-end planning of the project and the whole process; On the basis of our own plot work, we serve as the project manager and coordinate the work cooperation of all parties of cluster design, including teachers Liu Heng, Li Fu and Tang Yibin.

Neighborhood City Exhibition Poster neighborhood City Exhibition Forum     200112 Shenzhen architects forum WAF in Q2, China this year is the 13th year of WAF World Architecture Festival, and the final shortlist of waf2020 / 2021 was announced not long ago.


We should also thank them for their support for such a high evaluation of the project.

Later, we also continued to deeply participate in the R & D of several other new businesses of Vanke octopus, including Vanke Li, Vanke Shuo, Vanke urban village reconstruction and other businesses, and more clearly defined the research-based design team we developed..

If nothing unexpected happens this year, I will also go to Lisbon, Portugal to participate in activities.

“An outstanding office project must respond to these questions, not just the dazzling skills on the skin and body.” Q3 what aspects of the work will you pay more attention to and how to choose? Chen is really a headache.

This year, there were 19 finalists in the office category alone, including the familiar international firms such as foster, Zaha and 3XN.


This year is the 13th year of the event.

Everything is so fantastic and incredible.

Therefore, this WAF integrated two sessions of registration and participated in 1399 works, and then a total of 560 works were shortlisted, distributed among dozens of different categories.

Wire Lifting Loop

Chen zetao, founding partner / creative director of fcha square city design, defeated 18 shortlisted projects from 3XN, Zaha and other well-known firms by virtue of plot A4 + B2 project of liuxiandong design commune, and finally won the office category award of the last 2019waf World Architecture Festival.

In addition, I also took the opportunity to return to the Netherlands to visit the former site of the college where my partner Su Jinlefu and I studied in the Netherlands at the Berlin Institute, and also visited the offices of OMA, MVRDV, mecanno and other international brands.

It feels like a dream.

Q1 the world’s outstanding works and designers met in Amsterdam, the Netherlands through waf2019.

As for architectural practice, because there is no precedent for the development mode and spatial mode in these new business units, the research is the breakthrough for us to cut into the project.

It is committed to recognizing, sharing and encouraging excellent architectural design.

As a participant, you have experienced a series of events such as on-site selection, conference, exchange, award ceremony and so on.

Six projects designed by our square city were shortlisted to participate in the election.

An outstanding office project must respond to these questions, not just the skin and body skills.

Liuxiandong design commune A4 + B2 liuxiandong design commune is the first Vanke cloud project on new office products in Vanke Octopus plan.

One week after the World Architecture Festival reviewed the site and won the award, we carried out the exhibition of the 13th anniversary of the city design and the publication of the book “neighborhood city”.

WAF jury this time, he accepted an exclusive interview with the Institute of global design awards.

Chen zetao, founding partner / creative director of fcha square city design, the judges of 2020 / 2021 WAF World Architecture Festival are so dreamy and incredible about WAF World Architecture Festival.

What deep feelings, memories and gains have you left so far? Chen now recalls the WAF World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam in 2019.

Fortunately, five works of design companies in China were also shortlisted in the office category.

It is held in different cities every year to bring together architects and designers from all over the world.

As a judge of this architecture Festival, what do you think of this year’s competition? Chen’s last WAF was suspended for one session due to the epidemic situation.

Then came the outbreak of today’s epidemic, and the world’s ties began to fall apart.

There is no doubt that this year’s competition is more intense than last year.

From my own professional point of view, office building is a very important proposition.

The final runoff and award ceremony will be grandly held in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, from December 1 to 3, 2021.

What impact did the design at that time and the current landing results have on your practice and exploration? How does square city design develop “research-based design”? Chen is a very important project for us.

I was still curious at that time, but now I realize that the advantage of WAF is to let more excellent designers participate in such a global architectural event.

Statistically speaking, people stay in the office for a longer time, so the comfort of the office, the friendliness of the building to the environment, the exploration of the office type, the innovation of the structure and so on are all my concerns.

I am still looking forward to it.

Finally, the A4 + B2 project of Vanke liuxiandong design commune won the global office award.

It is estimated that it is difficult for the three judges on site to reach a consensus in the end.

This is a grand event integrating award events, meetings and dissemination of architectural knowledge.

A successful project cannot be separated from the contributions of many parties – Mr.

In 2019, we participated in such a large-scale on-site communication activity in the construction industry for the first time, and the atmosphere of on-site defense and communication infected me very much.

The judges of q4waf spoke highly of the A4 + B2 project of liuxiandong design Commune: “this is a revolutionary project because they have established a new paradigm for the future of the office building.” this work is a milestone in the development of the design of the square city.

During the campaign, we listened to the on-site explanations of at least dozens of world-class firms, and made many excellent counterparts in the construction industry in China.

Chen zetao will serve as the judges of this 2020 / 2021waf World Architecture Festival together with world-famous Architect Peter cook, founder and architect Jeanne gang of stuidogang, famous British designer Nigel Coates, co-founder Kim herforth Nielsen of 3XN architecture firm, founder Francine Houben of mecanoo, etc.

For example, in the era of mobile Internet, people will have different needs for office, and the supporting needs of the new generation of groups for office space have also undergone many fundamental changes.

Since then, they have never been abroad again.

There must be more good works accumulated in two years, and there is only one grand prize in each category.

World Architecture Festival (WAF) is one of the largest and most prestigious events in the international architecture industry.

In the past two years, I have found that the office type buildings I understand have changed greatly with the changes of the times.

When we won the global office award last year, many colleagues said that they would invite me to be a judge this year.


At that time, we participated in the project to a very deep level and saw our innovation and research ability with our own eyes.

Now two years have passed.


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