Recruitment office staff, School of architecture and urban planning, Huazhong University of science and technology

Have strong language and written expression skills, and master office automation related operation skills.

Posts and responsibilities, engage in the party affairs of the college Party committee, and implement the specific affairs of the college Party Committee on the construction of grass-roots party organizations and the education and management of Party members; Connect with the Party Affairs Department of the school, do a good job in uploading, issuing, coordination and communication; Be responsible for the formulation and drafting of official documents and materials of the college Party committee, and the organization and implementation of relevant meetings; Complete other tasks assigned by the college Party committee.

Registration deadline: once the enrollment is completed.

Recruitment scope: formal staff of school organs or departments, of which full-time teachers must pass the assessment of the first employment period of six years, and full-time counselors have worked for six years.

The specific matters are as follows: 1.

5、 Contact: Mr.

The applicant sends his resume (including basic personal information, study and work experience, etc.) to the designated email: 。 Long press ID reply 98 to view the post form and enter the registration.

4、 Registration and investigation methods 1.

Long press the ID code reply 98 to view the post form and enter the registration II.


Party member of the Communist Party of China, bachelor degree or above in Colleges and universities, healthy, no more than 40 years old; 2.

Pressed Swivel Coupler


After qualification examination, an interview will be organized, and the specific matters will be notified separately.

3、 Recruitment requirements 1.

Kong 027 – 87543756 Recruitment! job wanted! More high-quality, timely recruitment information, separately click below the official account name card attention! Get ▼ for free..

Serious and down-to-earth work, strong sense of responsibility, willing to contribute, strong sense of service, strong team spirit and communication and coordination ability; 3.

Due to work needs, the school of architecture and urban planning plans to publicly recruit one office staff.

Click “Wuhan Recruitment Information Network” above  ” Pay attention to view / publish recruitment information.


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