The building structure is clear! In the next five years, support such enterprises to “become bigger and stronger”

In the next five years, these construction enterprises will be strongly supported.

By the end of June 2021, the number of construction enterprises was 115000, and the number of employees in the construction industry also decreased to 41.72 million.

2) The government has invested more in livelihood projects that benefit a wide range of people, and 53000 old urban communities have been newly started.


1) Why support these enterprises? Very simply, from the perspective of administration, large enterprises can create more GDP and construction output value, drive more jobs and pay more taxes( To say the least, in case of force majeure, the top priority must be large enterprises! Enterprises with high qualification level!) 2) How to support? Such as cash reward, simplified approval, tax reduction and other dividends.


Accelerate the promotion of general contracting and whole process consulting.

3) Based on mechanization, assembly construction and decoration as the main form, and supported by digital and information means.


Support general contracting enterprises with comprehensive and class a qualification to become bigger and stronger (fewer but stronger).

What major adjustments will the construction industry make in the next 3-5 years? What is the qualification of the construction industry? Where are the most engineering projects? I believe these issues are of most concern to everyone.

The main business of the construction enterprise should be transformed: actively integrate into the infrastructure construction such as intercity high-speed railway, bridge and tunnel, port and waterway, water conservancy project and so on.


It can be said that the next few years is not a question of whether to transform, but whether there is an opportunity and ability to participate.

Professional contracting enterprises “specialize and refine” (many but specialized).

Recently, several major and strong construction provinces took the lead in announcing the “14th five year plan” for the development of the construction industry.


2) 5g base station, UHV, new energy vehicle charging pile, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other new infrastructure construction.


Since all localities give strong support, it is estimated that there may be an upsurge of qualification upgrading in the future.

Implement the provincial construction enterprise cultivation plan, formulate a list of key construction enterprises to be supported, and provide support in qualification upgrading, scientific and technological innovation, etc.

Encourage construction enterprises in our province to cooperate with central enterprises and participate in the construction of bridges and tunnels, underground comprehensive pipe corridors, ports and waterways, expressways, water conservancy projects and other large-scale infrastructure in our province.

Guide a number of professional enterprises in decoration, concrete precast component production, building curtain wall construction and other types to develop into “trump card” technology   Or products, “specialized, special and new” professional contracting enterprises or specialized enterprises.

Promote the optimization and adjustment of enterprise structure, and guide a number of construction enterprises with an output value of more than 10 billion to develop into general contracting enterprises with the status of “chain owner”; 3.

optimize the construction industrial structure 1.

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Vigorously promote the application of advanced technologies such as Internet of things, big data and building information model (BIM) in new building industrialization, promote the intelligent upgrading of production equipment and construction equipment, and promote the coordinated development of intelligent construction and new building industrialization.

On the policy level, the 2021 government work report proposes: 1) promote the construction of “two new and one heavy” (i.e.

Has the industry inflection point appeared? As far as the whole industry is concerned, residential housing still accounts for the majority, accounting for nearly 70%, but the growth rate is slowing down significantly.

Through the comparison of several documents, it can be seen that the reform direction of the construction industry in these big provinces is generally the same.

Focus on cultivating a number of comprehensive and class a qualified enterprises such as municipal public utilities, highways, water conservancy and hydropower, port and waterway engineering; 2.


Accelerate the cultivation of general contracting enterprises with integrated solutions for prefabricated buildings.


Among them, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong are the “three giants” of the domestic construction industry, and their planning is naturally the most representative, which also affects the future direction of the whole industry to a certain extent.

In the “14th five year plan” of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places, it is mentioned to promote the transformation of the main business of construction enterprises to the following fields: 1) infrastructure construction such as intercity high-speed railway, bridge and tunnel, port and waterway, water conservancy engineering and so on.

Guide and encourage construction enterprises to integrate advantageous resources and quickly grow into leading or large backbone enterprises through merger and reorganization, equity replacement and mixed ownership reform.




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2、 Strengthen the cultivation of advantageous enterprises 1.

At present, there are nearly 7000 enterprises with special and first-class qualifications in China.

I hope you can prepare early and deal with the coming great changes in advance! ▎ original document: Jiangsu Province I.

With the release of the 14th five year plan for the development of the construction industry, the development direction of the construction industry will become clearer and clearer in the next 3-5 years.

We will continue to promote the development of construction enterprises in the province from single type to comprehensive type, and from production and operation type to capital operation type.

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong have made it clear that they will vigorously support the general contracting enterprises with comprehensive qualification and class a qualification to become bigger and stronger, and support a number of leading or large backbone enterprises.

By 2023, cultivate 100 EPC and 300 leading backbone enterprises in professional fields.

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Guide and promote the strong combination of well-known large enterprise groups inside and outside the province and advantageous construction enterprises in our province to form complementary advantages.

Original link: 8639_ 9897063.html Guangdong province promotes the brand building of construction enterprises.

new infrastructure construction, new urbanization construction, transportation, water conservancy and other major projects).

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Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, improve the core competitiveness, make the general contracting enterprises “bigger and stronger”, and form a number of well-known brand enterprise groups with influence in the country.

Encourage strong alliances, mergers and acquisitions, equity replacement and mixed ownership reform, and promote the development of construction enterprises from a single type to a comprehensive type.

Guide professional contracting enterprises to “be specialized and refined”.

optimize the professional structure of the construction industry 1.

Let’s look at the local provinces.

Guide small and medium-sized engineering survey and design enterprises and small and medium-sized construction contracting enterprises to develop into professional design and special construction with strong professional and technical advantages and characteristics, so as to create differentiated competitive advantages.

Promote large construction enterprises, small and medium-sized construction enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises to strengthen industrial cooperation, form a benign cooperation mechanism of industrial chain, supply chain and value chain, and build a modern industrial system..

In particular, the industry threshold will be lowered in the future, so there may be more class B qualified enterprises, resulting in more fierce bidding competition.

Build industry leaders through strategic cooperation to promote industrial integration and coordinated development.

While encouraging enterprises to participate in the construction of traditional infrastructure, they should actively integrate into the construction of new infrastructure, including 5g base station, UHV, intercity high-speed railway, charging pile of new energy vehicles, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and so on; 3.



In this way, how to stay ahead of the competition? Therefore, it is suggested that qualified enterprises can consider upgrading to one level or special level qualification, or adding some qualifications to expand their business scope horizontally and develop from single type to comprehensive type.

In the next 3-5 years, where will there be the most projects? By the end of 2020, there were 116000 construction enterprises with construction activities in China, reaching the highest level in recent ten years.

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About Qualification: it must be “the stronger”.


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