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At present, although the historical situation of society has fundamentally changed, as a place for the exploration, creation and dissemination of civilization and knowledge, the university still adheres to the pursuit of lofty ideals and is still the palace of human elegant culture and the residence of spiritual conscience.

They have accumulated the essence of the earliest civil, architectural and municipal disciplines in the history of higher education in China.

In the 19th century, when the strong ships and guns of Western powers awakened the Qing government from the dream of China, the Chinese nation began to trudge and reflect deeply in the smoke of war.

This year, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty adopted Dong Zhongshu’s suggestion to set up a Imperial College in the capital Chang’an, which is the oldest “University” in China.

From song, yuan to Ming and Qing Dynasties, either Imperial College or Guozi school were established, or both were established at the same time.

Their every contribution to national prosperity and national rejuvenation will not be forgotten with the passage of time.

The history of Xi’an University of architecture and technology can be traced back to   one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five   In order to adapt to the construction and development of new China, Tianjin Beiyang western school was founded in 1956.

In 617 ad, Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty changed Imperial College to Imperial College.

These spiritual wealth is like a rich and fertile land, nurturing the continuous development and growth of the University and encouraging the builders to make continuous efforts and create.

Chinese universities are always connected with the ups and downs of social and historical destiny, and undertake the continuation and reconstruction of national cultural spirit.

During the third department adjustment of colleges and universities in New China in 1956, the Department of architecture of Northeast Institute of technology founded in 1923, the Department of civil engineering of Northwest Institute of technology founded in 1938, the Department of civil engineering of Qingdao Institute of technology founded in 1952, and the Department of civil engineering of Southern Jiangsu Polytechnic College founded in 1911 The construction section was merged.

The article is selected from the editor of roaming China University – Xi’an University of architecture and technology volume, reviewed by Liu Xingyu and reviewed by Wang Xin  。.

Beiyang Western learning school thus created a new era for China’s higher education.

Today, looking back on the development of China’s modern university education in the past hundred years, it is not difficult to see that it was born in the impact of western modern scientific knowledge and cultural spirit, developed in the historical difficulties of China’s difficulties, poverty and weakness, and revitalized in the great voice of studying hard for the rise of China, She carries the historical mission of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! The tour is the exploration of history and spirit, and the long-term vision is the adherence to beliefs and ideals.

Dong Zhongshu’s Imperial College declined from the Cao Wei, the Western Jin Dynasty to the end of the Northern Dynasty, which lasted more than 700 years.

This spiritual soul is the spirit of patriotism and education, strengthening the country and enriching the people, serving the society and revitalizing the nation; It is the spirit of countless people with lofty ideals who are not afraid of difficulties, have the courage to undertake, are willing to contribute and forge ahead for education; It is the spirit of integration between China and the west, inclusiveness and innovation when the sages and predecessors cut through thorns and thorns to establish civil engineering, architecture and other disciplines; It is the spirit of “democratic unity, down-to-earth and in-depth, happy teaching and learning, and hard work” advocated by the older generation of Xi’an Jianda at the beginning of the merger of the University.

More importantly, the four parent universities not only trained a large number of scientific and technological talents to save the nation from subjugation and survive for the society at that time, but also historically inherited the modern cultural thought, the essence of national culture and the spirit of higher education to Xi’an University of architecture and technology, becoming the spiritual soul that cast the core culture and values of this century old university.

In the heyday of the Tang Dynasty, the Imperial College of the Tang Dynasty, located near Wenwen road outside Wenchang gate in Xi’an, was an unprecedented school with more than 3000 students alone.

Since then, China’s early institutions of higher learning, aiming at cultivating talents and inheriting civilization, began a long process of leaning close to the fate of their family and country, rising and falling together.

XAUAT these four maternal institutions are the first batch of institutions of higher learning founded in the modern history of China to save their nation’s peril.

This spirit and soul has been passed down to today, which is the school running purpose of Xi’an construction university to “inherit civilization, create the future, cultivate materials to revitalize the country and enrich the people through science and technology”, the school motto of “self-improvement, honesty, source seeking and innovation”, and the school spirit of “honest, solid foundation, simple style and down-to-earth work”.

They were the highest institutions for cultivating talents and imparting Confucian classics.

Therefore, in 1895, on the former site of dayingmen Bowen academy along the Beiyun River in Tianjin, the first university in modern China – Beiyang western school came into being.

In order to save the nation from danger, people of insight bravely ran around and called for the establishment of new universities as a good medicine to resist foreign humiliation and cure the nation’s chronic diseases.

“Tour and foresight – the tour of Xi’an University of architecture and technology is to explore the history and spirit, to keep the faith and ideal, to build the University for a hundred years, and to inherit the history of China’s higher education in the 21st century, which can be traced back to 135 BC.

The school motto, school spirit and school running purpose of Xi’an University of architecture and technology are precisely these spirits, which enable generation after generation of respected teachers and generations of dedicated students of Xi’an University of architecture and technology to hold high the great banner of national rejuvenation and strive for governance and strength in revolution, construction and reform.

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