Popular science time: the significance of building qualification maintenance


For each borrowing and receiving, the borrowing time, qualification name, borrower, borrowing reason and return time shall be recorded in detail.

3、 Regulations on the use of qualification 1.


It is strictly prohibited for internal employees of the company to distribute the scanned copy of the company’s qualification without marked purpose to external personnel.

In the last issue, we talked about the construction qualification.

It involves the company’s business.

Sort out the existing qualifications and relevant certificates of the company.

It is not allowed to make its own decisions to avoid losses to the company.

Scope of qualification management: 1) upgrading, addition, annual inspection, extension of enterprise qualification certificates and filling and reporting of relevant reports; 2) allocation, registration, annual inspection and renewal of personnel certificates; 3) sorting and archiving of performance qualification.

Performance data of the company: notification of award, project contract, completion acceptance certificate, drawings reflecting the number of floors, single building area, span, length, height and structure type, project settlement sheet proving single contract amount, cost and other indicators, project performance checklist, etc.


2、 Define the daily work of qualification maintenance and management.

From this, we can see that qualification maintenance is not a small thing.


The copy of the company’s qualification must be marked with relevant information such as “only for XX use, and then the copy is invalid”.

Violators shall be investigated for their responsibilities and dealt with seriously.

Types of qualification certificates of the company: business license, construction enterprise qualification, enterprise safety production license, account opening license, trustworthy contract certificate of the Administration for Industry and commerce, quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification.


Let’s focus on it.



Who is the strongest in qualification maintenance? Look at Heyang in Jiangsu Province!!!..

Company personnel certificates: constructor qualification certificate, cost controller certificate, post certificate, three types of personnel certificate, professional title certificate, etc.

After the qualification of construction engineering enterprises is handled, the construction engineering enterprises with complete company system will be kept and maintained by special personnel.

After all, the hard-working qualification is left behind, and the gain is not worth the loss.

The borrowing of the original qualification of the company must be authorized by the main leaders of the company, and the internal personnel of the company shall be responsible for borrowing and carrying it with them.

The company’s qualification management personnel shall establish the company’s qualification certificate borrowing registration form and the company’s qualification copy receiving registration form.

When applying for qualification, the company’s system must be a formal enterprise, and special managers will be assigned to manage the qualification and maintain the qualification.

Professional people do professional things.

It is strictly prohibited for anyone to alter, rent, forge, transfer or sell the company’s qualification documents.

The copy of the company’s qualification used by external personnel must be approved by the main leaders of the company.

The process is as follows: 1.


However, in society, there are still some enterprises with imperfect systems that put aside their qualifications after handling them, resulting in the invalidation of qualification certificates, which brings a lot of trouble to construction engineering enterprises.

The qualification management personnel of the company shall establish an enterprise qualification account, sort out, summarize and register various qualification certificates, and record the name, quantity, approval time, approval department, license scope, effective time, annual inspection time and other information of certificates; At the same time, pay close attention to relevant websites, so as to timely grasp the status of qualification and maintain it.

The company’s leadership shall be informed of the policies and changes related to qualification in time, and the places that fail to meet the requirements shall be reported in time.

In this issue, we talk about how to maintain the construction qualification.


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