Issued by China Construction and Research Institute: Research Report on intelligent building application 2021

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The debugging process of intelligent system is complex, long cycle and uncontrollable quality.

Personnel reserve: strengthen the construction of intelligent system and the construction of operation and maintenance talent team, and help the construction field achieve the goals of 2030 carbon peak and 2060 carbon neutralization as soon as possible.

After the intelligent system is put into use, about 40% of the systems have software or hardware failures after one year of operation, and less than 10% of the systems can operate stably for more than five years.

Standardized operation and maintenance data collection and analysis methods; 3) Strengthen the development and application of new technology 4) improve the ability of controller; 5) Standardized point configuration requirements.

The survey shows that at this stage, only about 30% of the systems have achieved a certain degree of integration, but the data has not been interconnected, and the subsystems operate independently.

This white paper analyzes the current situation of intelligent system application of building in China, combs the main problems existing in each construction stage, and excavates the core needs of users from technology System and policy to explore the future development direction of building intelligence.

Under the guidance of the rapid development of new technologies, the diversification of people’s living needs and the realization of the national dual carbon goal, intelligent buildings are upgrading to intelligent buildings.

Due to the uneven professional knowledge and cognitive level of operation and maintenance personnel, the faults of intelligent system can not be solved in time, and the full-automatic operation control function can not be fully utilized.


About 50% of operation and maintenance personnel basically understand the significance of intelligent system platform parameters.



In order to objectively understand the current situation of intelligent application and explore the development direction of intelligent building, relying on the 13th five year national key R & D plan project, the research group has carried out research on the current situation of intelligent application of building.

About 38% of HVAC systems can be used normally, and 50% of the system point data is basically accurate.

The operation and maintenance based on mobile terminal and BIM is still in its infancy.

After more than 30 years of development, China’s intelligent buildings have transformed from nothing, from “new things” to “standard configuration”.

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There are many problems on the system platform, such as incomplete point monitoring, lack of key points and so on.

In order to solve the above problems and give full play to the value of building intelligent system, the following suggestions are put forward: system level: 1) improve the intelligent system detection, adjustment, acceptance and post evaluation system  ; 2) Improve energy-saving certification and reward policies for intelligent systems; Technical level: 1) establish and improve relevant standards for intelligent system adjustment, operation and maintenance management and post evaluation; 2.

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The system that can start and stop automatically and remotely is about 30 ~ 40.

The research shows that at this stage, the application level of building intelligence in China is uneven, and the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and convenient use of the system have not been brought into full play.

Pfeifer VS Box

Through the investigation and analysis of building intelligent integrators, operation and maintenance personnel and users, it is concluded that at this stage, building intelligent systems are mainly foreign or joint venture brands, especially building automation, lighting control and other systems, and foreign brands have occupied the mainstream market for a long time.

The use effect of complex control logic such as system optimization control and group control is poor due to various reasons.

Based on the research samples: 1.

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