Taishan gypsum joins hands with 2021 xiongan new area low carbon building and New Materials Expo to help the construction of xiongan New

The theme of this new materials exhibition is “xiongan opportunity under the double carbon goal”, focusing on the characteristics of “high starting point, high standard and high level”, aiming at internationalization, orientation, novelty, scientificity, practicability and economy, highlighting the characteristics of “branding, high-end and internationalization”, and presenting a wonderful “new materials” feast for xiongan builders.

The company has successively won the “National May Day Labor Award”, “China gypsum industry benchmarking enterprise”, “national gypsum industry excellent enterprise”, “low carbon China outstanding contribution enterprise”, “top 50 centralized procurement suppliers of central enterprises”, “top 500 preferred suppliers of China’s real estate”, “top 10 competitiveness of China’s real estate suppliers” and “brand power gypsum board industry preferred member unit” And other honorary titles.

With its excellent quality, perfect after-sales service system and strong comprehensive supporting capacity, Taishan brand gypsum board and system products have won the favor of many national public construction projects.

It has 56 production bases all over the country.

“Taishan” gypsum board has won the honorary titles of “China famous brand”, “China famous trademark”, “China’s most influential gypsum board brand”, “people’s trust brand”, “China Environmental Label certified product”, “Gold Award of China brand trademark Expo” and so on.

Help the smooth realization of “ecological xiongan” and “quality xiongan”.

● construction machinery: excavation machinery, shoveling and transportation machinery , compaction machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, piling machinery, pavement machinery, new wall material equipment, concrete machinery, concrete product machinery, reinforcement grade prestressed machinery, decoration machinery, overhead operation machinery, conveying pump truck, dry mortar building materials equipment, etc..

● door and window curtain wall and sunshade: door and window and curtain wall, sunshade system, structural glue series and hardware accessories series, building glass and photovoltaic series, sunshine room.

● municipal buried pipe and pump valve exhibition area: metal pipe (cast iron pipe, ball milled cast iron pipe), plastic pipe (PVC-U pipe, PE pipe, PP pipe, etc.) , concrete pipes; pumps, valves, pipes \ Museum connectors, etc.

The company was founded in 1971 and has always focused on the production and R & D of gypsum building materials.

Exhibition scope ● prefabricated building exhibition area: prefabricated building industry base and industry leading enterprises; Prefabricated architectural design, concrete structure system, toughened structure system, modern wood structure system, prefabricated machinery and production equipment; Prefabricated components, prefabricated municipal works, modular houses, integrated houses, etc.

● prefabricated full decoration and interior decoration industrialization exhibition area: overall toilet, overall kitchen, overall storage cabinet, integrated ceiling, kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances, drainage on the same floor, whole house customization and interior decoration Integrated technologies and components related to equipment industrialization.

The domestic gypsum board market share is as high as 51%, which is known as the leader of gypsum board industry.

The exhibition aims to build a zero distance docking platform for building materials enterprises and construction units, so that more new materials and products can be put into the construction of the new area.

240 sales service teams are distributed all over the country.

● ecological comprehensive utilization of solid waste: municipal solid waste, construction solid waste and other disposal and comprehensive utilization technologies and equipment.

As a concentrated carrier of new products, new technologies, new materials and new material processes, xiong’an new area has attracted worldwide attention.

Taishan gypsum owns the only gypsum building materials engineering research center in Shandong Province and has developed a series of new technologies and processes with independent intellectual property rights, including 44 invention patents, 429 utility model patents and 46 design patents.

It is an enterprise with the widest coverage, the most reasonable capacity layout, the highest market share and the strongest competitiveness in the same industry in China.

● exhibition area of indoor heating technology products: radiator, new indoor heating technology, ground source / water source / air source heat pump, etc.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin

● exhibition area of sponge city and underground comprehensive pipe gallery construction: rainwater collection and utilization Utilization system; rainwater infiltration and drainage integrated system, permeable brick; underground space planning and design, comprehensive pipe gallery construction, municipal company, smart pipe network construction; professional pipe fittings, prefabricated components and other relevant supporting products of comprehensive pipe gallery of various materials, etc.

Taishan gypsum headquarters is located at the foot of the well-known Taishan Mountain at home and abroad.

The products not only pass the national standard inspection, but also obtain the EU CE certification.

They have successively participated in the bird’s nest of the National Stadium, Shandong Pavilion of the World Expo, the main venue of Hangzhou G20 summit, the main venue of Beijing APEC summit, the main venue of Xiamen BRICs summit Construction of the main venue of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Qingdao, the Zhejiang Hall of the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing Urban sub center, xiong’an station, the main venue of the Winter Olympic Games, the Yangtze River International Conference Center, the history exhibition hall of the Communist Party of China, the venue of the 14th National Games, etc.

Taishan gypsum   It is the unremitting pursuit of Taishan gypsum people to help build xiongan new area and become a world-class manufacturer of new building materials, develop green building materials and create green enterprises! Taishan gypsum Co., Ltd.

● exhibition area of passive low energy consumption green building technology and components: passive doors and windows and sun shading products, roof and exterior wall waterproof materials, thermal insulation materials, exterior wall thermal insulation system, molded polystyrene board, graphite polystyrene board, vacuum thermal insulation board, rock wool, plastering paste and adhesive paste, fresh air installation unit, etc.

To be a world-class manufacturer of new building materials, develop green building materials and create a green enterprise is the unremitting pursuit of Taishan gypsum people! 2021 xiong’an new area low carbon building and New Materials Expo xiong’an New Area New Materials Expo is currently the first large-scale professional Expo jointly sponsored by national institutions of xiong’an new area and China xiong’an group.

The 24-hour online sales platform provides customers with 24-hour fast zero distance service and professional construction technical support.

The production and sales of gypsum board have been far ahead for many years.

The organizer has been deeply engaged in xiong’an for five years, provided a platform for exchange and cooperation for thousands of enterprises to participate in xiong’an construction, and attracted many media to participate in reporting.

● exhibition area of green new building materials: building pipes and fittings, interior and exterior wall coatings, thermal insulation coatings, ready mixed mortar, building waterproof materials, LED lighting, integrated ceiling, plumbing equipment, ceramic tiles (boards) , sanitary ware, building doors and windows, sliding doors, structural glue and hardware accessories, building natural stones, decorative components, steel for reinforced concrete, cables, low-voltage electrical and other green building materials required by xiongan.

It is a domestic and international double certified product.

The company has assets of 12 billion yuan and an annual turnover of more than 11 billion yuan; The company’s main products include six categories and more than 60 varieties of gypsum board, light steel keel, powder products, decorative gypsum board, face paper and related supporting products.

It is a national high-tech enterprise.

● exhibition area of wood structure and landscape wood: landscape wood structure and materials, bamboo structure materials, wood structure building foundation and roof system, etc.

is a backbone enterprise under China Building Materials Group (the world’s top 500 enterprises) and a world-famous gypsum board manufacturer.

Building materials for energy saving and thermal insulation system: rock wool products, glass cotton products, molded polystyrene foam (EPS) products (including modified products), extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) products (including modified products), flexible foam plastic products, foam glass products, foam ceramic products, rigid polyurethane foam, integrated thermal insulation board, external wall insulation (self insulation) system materials, thermal insulation cutting, etc.

Taishan brand has been recognized as the first choice by real estate companies, decoration companies and consumers for its extreme professionalism, service and cost performance, and has successively established long-term strategic cooperative relations with top 100 real estate enterprises and top 100 decoration enterprises.


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