Lawyer Li Anle, an expert of yingdai law firm, gave a special lecture for construction enterprises

Lawyer Li Anle: Chairman and chief expert of the Construction Engineering Committee of Shandong yingdai law firm; Legal adviser of Weihai Construction Industry Association, Weihai Consulting Industry Association and Concrete Association; Wechat of first-class constructor, cost engineer, consulting engineer and supervision engineer and contact number: 13176318267..

The combination of law and practice, through the explanation of the relationship of various elements on the construction site, can achieve the standardization and institutionalization of the construction site and reduce legal risks.

   On October 23, lawyer Li Anle, chairman and chief expert member of the Engineering Construction Committee of Shandong yingdai law firm, provided a special lecture on “reasonable precautions for engineering professionals” for Rongcheng construction enterprise.

     Through this special lecture, we have improved everyone’s legal understanding, standardized the project construction process, and provided strong legal support and guarantee for efficient work.

     The lecture starts with real legal cases, explaining various details and precautions in practical work.

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