Municipal Construction Engineering Association held the publicity and implementation meeting of “quality month”

Directors of all offices, Secretary General of the special committee and all resident personnel attended the meeting.

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Zhou Xianyu, chairman of Guoxin construction group, and Deng Hongbing, deputy general manager, attended the meeting.

First, we should make full use of the platform of the association, WeChat official account, and the enterprise’s own media and project field publicity positions to carry out extensive publicity activities such as quality related life safety, quality related social harmony, quality related economic benefits, quality related life and happiness, and create a good atmosphere for everyone to care about quality and everyone’s attention to quality.

  At the meeting, each special committee and office made a brief report on the work carried out in the previous month and the work plan of the current month, and reported on the demands of the solicited member units, promoting the resolution process, publicity and training work and requirements, member development and organization construction.

With the official launch of the “quality month” activity in the construction field in 2021, the Municipal Construction Engineering Association closely focuses on the activity theme of “deeply implementing the quality improvement action and vigorously promoting the construction of a quality power”, and combined with the actual work of the association, carries out a series of special activities aimed at improving the quality awareness and quality level of member enterprises, so as to establish a strong awareness of quality first, Continuously improve the overall quality level of the construction industry.

Fourth, organize and carry out the centralized learning activities of the guidelines for the standardized management of construction project quality testing behavior in Hefei, strengthen the management of construction project testing industry, and standardize the testing behavior of various main units.

Second, organize and carry out special legal training on project quality, industry development forum, industry skill competition and other activities, further improve the selection methods of “Amber Cup”, high-quality structure and municipal standardized construction site, guide and promote member enterprises to strengthen the construction of quality culture, implement total quality management, improve the quality management system and spread the quality culture of advanced construction projects, Show the brand image of Hefei construction project quality.

Fifth, give play to the “reinforcing” role of industry associations in standardizing industry behavior constraints, focus on industry violations and dishonesty, organize the preparation and improvement of “self-discipline conventions” of various special committees, supervise member enterprises to actively carry out self-discipline inspection, and timely prevent and correct some dishonest and dishonest acts outside the Association’s rule system, so as to improve the healthy development level of member enterprises, Create and maintain the external environment for the high-quality development of the construction industry.

Third, organize member units to observe high-quality projects, initiate the exchange of experience in the establishment of high-quality projects, give full play to the leading role of demonstration projects, and encourage and help member units to actively participate in quality excellence.

President sun Yefei put forward three requirements: first, pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control during the double festival.

From a legal perspective, the Ministry of justice has checked and interpreted the legal knowledge related to industry self-discipline.

The meeting was held in Anhui Guoxin construction group.

In order to publicize and implement the activity of “quality month” in the construction field initiated by the Municipal Bureau of urban and rural development, on September 8, the Municipal Construction Engineering Association held a publicity and implementation kick-off meeting of “quality month”, discussed and studied the work plan of “quality month” of the Association, and made arrangements for the work of the Secretariat of the association.

                                          Editor: Zhang Guangjun..

According to the activity plan, the association will carry out publicity and implementation activities on the theme of “quality month” from five aspects.

All special committees and offices should further strengthen the publicity, implementation and supervision of the epidemic prevention and control work of member units, maintain high vigilance at all times, and strictly implement the epidemic control measures according to the requirements of provincial and municipal governments and industry competent departments; Second, the Secretary General of each special committee and the director of the office should take the first step, identify the problems, take the initiative, decompose and quantify the work tasks according to the annual work plan and the activity deployment requirements of the “quality month”, pay close attention to the implementation of the work and ensure the effectiveness; Third, continue to widely solicit and summarize the demands of members, think about and study solutions, and form an atmosphere of “real officers and real deeds” of the association.


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