How to look at the construction drawings of building structures?

The cost person needs to learn a lot of calculation tables and software.

In fact, it is not difficult to master it.

For those who have just started the cost industry, learning drawings is the basis for the industry.

Column (stressed column and structural column) 3.

Now we are using the flat method to mark the reinforcement, so we must understand the flat method in order to fully understand the structural construction drawing.

Generally, index symbols are used to indicate the location of the detailed drawing, the number of the detailed drawing and the drawing number where the detailed drawing is located.

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In order to facilitate construction, another detail drawing is required.

Many people say that the structural construction drawings are very complex and can not be understood, mainly because they are not familiar with the reinforcement drawings.

Representation method of structural plan the structural plan is a drawing showing the layout of plane bearing components (such as beams, plates, columns, walls, door and window lintels, ring beams, etc.) on each floor above the outdoor ground of the building, generally including floor structural plan and roof structural plan.

However, as a cost maker, you can’t even understand the construction drawings of the foundation, so it’s difficult to carry out the next work.

To understand the structural drawing, we must know the distribution of reinforcement.

Generally, there are several kinds of reinforcement drawings: 1.

The above is a comprehensive explanation of the construction drawings of building structures.

Beam (main beam, secondary beam, ground beam and ring beam) 2.

The most difficult way to see the structural construction drawing is the reinforcement.

The main contents of structural construction drawings are mainly used as the basis for construction setting out, excavation of foundation trench, formwork erection, binding of reinforcement, setting of embedded parts, pouring and tamping concrete, installation of beams, plates, columns and other components, and preparation of budget and construction organization plan.

The representation method of foundation plan of slab (one-way slab and two-way slab) in the construction drawing sometimes can not express a certain part clearly due to the problem of scale.

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   What are the main difficulties in entering this industry? In fact, there are only two major difficulties: map recognition and quantity calculation.

If you learn the drawing, it will be easy to calculate the quantity.

Construction drawings are divided into two categories: architectural construction drawings and structural construction drawings.

The main contents include pile foundation plan, foundation plan, column shear wall plane construction drawing, shear wall edge member table, beam and plate plane construction drawing, stair and wall body detail drawing, etc.

The most basic threshold is to know the map.

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The relative calculation of the map is relatively simple.


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