[online activity / October 24] talk about how Japan’s construction and real estate sectors respond to energy conservation, emission

Shuttering Magnet

As an official investment and Trade Promotion Agency in Japan, JETRO helps powerful Chinese enterprises to register companies in Japan and actively promotes the cooperation between Japanese large companies and Japanese science and technology start-ups and Chinese enterprises.

Welcome to recommend China’s excellent science and technology enterprises! (Beijing contacts and contact details at the end) click the top, pay attention to the official account (welcome to pay attention to 1 yuan financial class) [Japanese business opportunities online sharing series] * sponsor unit * Beijing technology trading promotion center theme: chat about how to deal with energy saving and emission reduction and low carbonization time in Japanese architecture and real estate field: October 24th, October 24th, Beijing time 20:00~ (about 1 hours) (online conference, language: Chinese) live platform (1): wechat video Number “haoshuo Japanese” live platform (2): ruimou app (voice) registration method:.


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