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With the surging times, this iron army of architecture has not forgotten its original intention and has been moving forward! Main business areas recruit professional civil engineering: Civil Engineering (housing construction, road and bridge, municipal, geotechnical, underground space), engineering mechanics, structural engineering, structural mechanics and other related majors; Engineering Management: engineering management, engineering cost, construction engineering management and other related majors; Safety survey: safety engineering, fire engineering, surveying and mapping engineering and other related majors; Infrastructure: Road and bridge, highway and railway, tunnel engineering, traffic engineering, urban planning, urban rail transit design, architectural planning and other related majors; Materials and machinery: Materials Science and engineering, inorganic non-metallic materials, material management, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, mechanical engineering and other related majors; Comprehensive administration: human resources management, law, Chinese language and literature, accounting, financial management, administrative management, journalism and other related majors; Installation and decoration: Electrical Engineering and automation, water supply and drainage, building environment and equipment engineering, building decoration, environmental engineering, decoration design and other related majors; Application requirements educational requirements: Bachelor degree or above professional requirements: professional counterpart, in line with the requirements of the directory, achievement requirements: good performance, skilled use of office and professional software, quality requirements: hardworking, willing to learn, good image temperament, team spirit, and willing to join the construction industry; Under the same conditions, Party members and student cadres are given priority in employing welfare benefits.

1 automobile manufacturing plant, Guangdong Daya Bay nuclear power plant, the national No.

The company’s North China branch, Northeast Branch, central China branch South China branch, Shandong business department, Anhui Business Department, Zhejiang business department, Jiangsu business department, installation branch and machinery leasing center, formerly the fifth construction division of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army.

You can apply for Tianjin Hukou and enjoy the government’s “Haihe talents” Contact information of subsidy Company Name: No.

of China Construction Second Bureau was founded in 1952 and headquartered in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

Communication, expedition fee, heatstroke prevention and cooling, qualification allowance, annual work allowance Holiday expenses and other benefits and subsidies 6.

2 heavy machinery plant, and the restoration and construction after the Tangshan earthquake.


The Fourth Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

At present, the company has more than 3000 management personnel and more than 70 projects.


Regular free physical examination 9.

4 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau address: Building 4, Bincheng Kechuang Valley, Binhai Mingfa Plaza and Hechang Plaza, marine high tech Zone, Binhai New Area, Tianjin contact person: Sun Shichao    Tel.: 13703935001 (wechat 13253318894) email: Please indicate the subject of the email: Name + school + major + education + workplace   Editor of employment service station of Henan Institute of Engineering | Jia Luyu company recruitment brochures delivery email: On small business microblog: @ employment service station of River Institute of technology QQ: 1099426766 employment consultation: 0371-62508998 enrollment consultation: 0371-62508666, 67718762  。.


The benchmark projects undertaken by the company in recent years, such as Harbin Wanda cultural tourism city, gymnasium in the new campus of Tianjin University, Jinan poly super high rise, Jingdong (Hebi) 3C Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project, Zhangjiakou intelligent three-dimensional cold storage EPC general contracting project, Shanghai Rongqiao center project, Zhuhai commercial complex, xiong’an Millennium Xiulin project, have successively won the National Gold Award for high-quality projects Luban Award, ten national high-quality engineering awards, China steel structure Gold Award and other top honors in the industry.

Provide staff dormitories and canteens.

Its main businesses include general construction contracting, general engineering contracting, large commercial complex, large cultural and tourism projects, infrastructure projects, etc; Following the national policy guidance, the company continues to deepen and penetrate the five core regions of North China, Northeast China, central China, East China and South China.

After the transformation, he successively participated in the construction of a series of important projects, such as Changchun No.

Pay five insurances and one fund for Tianjin.

The staff training method of “Chaoyue plan” is to build a continuous improvement process of 1-5 years.

Consolation gifts and gifts on legal holidays 7.

1 and No.

Paid annual leave, family visit leave and sick leave 8.

It maintains good customer relations with major owners such as Jinmao, poly, Oct, rongchuang and Wanda.

A competitive salary in the same industry (internship period of 6-8k, can be transferred to regular position in advance) 2.

Lifting Anchor

The contract amount and operating revenue of the company maintain medium and high-speed development, and the employee income increases year by year.



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