[little ancient architect] explore the development history of ancient Chinese architecture, discover the wisdom of the ancients, and uncover

Explain the activity process and get tickets 3.

Activity cost: 298 yuan / a large and a small or a single child; 98 yuan / a single adult.

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Process arrangement for assembling the miniature old Beijing Quadrangle: 1.

They are the precious wealth left to us by our ancestors.

The main collections of Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum include the “old city model of Beijing”, which can be called the most sand table in China, and the isolated Chinese zaojing art “Beijing longfu Temple caisson”, which has the same appearance and structure as the real object after being scaled down “The model of Beijing Temple of heaven prayer hall for new year”, as well as many models reflecting ancient Chinese palace style and folk architecture, as well as a large number of architectural relics and specimens, etc.

End of the trip [precautions] 1.

In ancient China, as long as wood is used, whether it is a house, a door and window or a piece of furniture, metal nails are not needed at all.

Are the little architects ready? Registration details activity theme: explore the Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum activity date: October 24, 2021 Room: around 14:30 ~ 16:30.

It is the first special museum in China to collect, study and display Chinese ancient architectural technology and art and its development history.

There is no return or replacement after registration.

The team leader has the right to change the scheduled route according to the actual situation.

Go into the Beijing ancient architecture museum with your children to uncover the mystery of ancient architecture and feel the wisdom of the ancients, Broaden your horizons research objectives 01 understand the development history of Chinese ancient architecture 02 understand the structure and types of ancient architecture see the purpose of a building from the difference between the roof, eaves and doors 03 uncover the mystery of those quadrangles in old Beijing 04 interpret the wisdom code of ancient craftsmen understand the tenon and mortise structure, and you can paint without paint, Fixed way between bricks ancient people how to pray for agricultural harvest architectural differences in some parts of China experience making miniature old Beijing courtyard note: the picture is for reference only, the color and style are random, our destination – Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum is located in Beijing xiannongtan.

It can be connected up and down, left and right, thickness, skew and straight, reasonable and comprehensive.


With its profound historical and cultural connotation and magnificent architectural style, Beijing’s ancestors’ altar has become a portrayal of the ancient agricultural civilization of the East and a treasure of Chinese traditional architectural art.

The lecturer will lead you to visit the ancient architecture museum to understand the ancient architecture culture.


Beijing Xiannong Altar was built in the 18th year of Yongle of the Ming Dynasty (1420) It is a place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties offered sacrifices to the ancestors and cultivated the fields.

So in ancient times, there were no reinforced concrete, no iron screws, but countless magnificent buildings spread.


It was officially opened to the outside world on September 25, 1991.

Venue: open space at the ticket office of Beijing Museum of ancient architecture.

Venue: Beijing Museum of ancient architecture, No.

Its precise technology and tight fastening can be called seamless.

Don’t play games.

These buildings are mainly palaces, temples, pavilions and attics, with magnificent momentum and rigorous layout.

Participate in interaction and answer questions to complete the pickup task.

The cost includes: 1.

Please follow the instructions of the team leader and maintain order.


The activities need to be organized in groups.

Model material package and other materials Suitable age: parent-child family activities over 5 years old: 1.

21 Dongjing Road, Xicheng District, Beijing.

Steel Chamfer

Travel design and organization.

Make the old Beijing Quadrangle under the guidance of the teacher 6.

The saying “a wall falls but a house does not fall” vividly illustrates the good seismic and seismic characteristics of wood structure buildings, and fully reflects the architectural wisdom of the ancient Chinese.


Museum tickets + explanation.


Explain the history of ancient architecture and appreciate cultural relics under the guidance of the tutor 5.

How did ancient craftsmen do it? What is the fixation between wood and wood? How are bricks linked? What do roofs of different shapes represent? With these questions, we will take you to a very small museum to avoid the flow of people, understand the development history of ancient architecture in Beijing, and take a journey spanning 5000 years! Don’t watch TV this weekend.

Tickets need real name system.

So far, the ability of earthquake resistance and disaster reduction of ancient Chinese buildings has amazed the world construction industry.

[little ancient architect] explore the development history of ancient Chinese architecture, discover the wisdom of the ancients, and uncover the mystery of ancient architecture! Chinese traditional human settlement wisdom and culture.

If the activities are affected by bad weather and other reasons, the organizer will notify everyone in advance.

Arrive at the Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum (get off at the overpass station in the south section of Metro Line 8 and walk) 2.

Visit the Museum of ancient architecture under the guidance of the tutor 4.


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