The beauty of architectural structure is presented by Nicole Z lens

In architectural photography, we not only need the ultra wide-angle field of vision to express the structural tension of the large architectural scene, but also need the perspective compression of the telephoto lens to express its exquisite details.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nicol z14-24mmf / 2.8s, aperture: F / 9, shutter: 1 / 320 second.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nicol z24-200mmf / 4-6.3vr aperture: F / 7.1, shutter: 1 / 160S.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nicol z24-200mmf / 4-6.3vr aperture: F / 7.1, shutter: 1 / 100s, iso250 black-and-white solid color architectural shooting will highlight the relationship between light and shade and the structural form of lines.

Medium and long focus can show the beauty of architectural details.

The wide-angle anti distortion performance of Nicol z14-24mmf / 2.8s is very excellent, and the photos taken at 14mm end can also complete film connection well.

The characters in the figure above add a visual center to the photos through post synthesis, and the original vertical building has become a lying road.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nicole z14-24mmf / 2.8s, aperture: F / 4, shutter: 1 / 40s, iso100 wide-angle lens has a strong sense of space.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nicol z14-24mmf / 2.8s, aperture: F / 9, shutter: 1 / 125 second, iso250 Beijing Lize SOHO is a famous building for many architectural photography lovers to punch in.

This time, I abandoned the conventional shooting concept and chose a position closer to one of the main columns in the atrium as the guide line, Express the spiraling lines with more tension.

The lightness and ease of use of Nicol z24-200mmf / 4-6.3vr and the lens have VR damping function equivalent to increasing the shutter speed by about 5 gears, which can help me shoot clear and sharp works.

When shooting such buildings, I chose Nicole z14-24mmf / 2.8s and Nicole z24-200mmf / 4-6.3vr.

The scene that expresses the architectural structure and architectural relationship through the light and shade relationship is also a way of image expression.

This combination of distance and distance can really show the unique charm of architectural lines.

In the corridor outside Meixi Lake theater, there is a triangular spiral channel.

The above figure uses the spatial compression of telephoto to make the facades of the two buildings look closer, making the buildings seem more spectacular in volume.

The above picture is taken with the 14mm end of Nicole z14-24mmf / 2.8s lens, and the final work is completed in the form of 5 pieces.

The nano crystalline coating and arneo coating used in the lens can capture sharp and clear images even under strong backlight.

In the process of shooting, using a longer focal length can form a good echo relationship between building structures, and the lines are more compact.

This is due to the high-resolution image quality of Nicol z14-24mmf / 2.8s and the excellent imaging effect of lens edge, which makes the near foreground part of the picture and the building lines clear and sharp.

Under the partially symmetrical structure, the smooth lines inside the Meixi Lake theater have a unique charm like the internal space of an alien spacecraft.

In this process, the good backlight tolerance of Nikon z14-24mmf / 2.8s and the high tolerance performance of Nikon Z6 Ⅱ make the level details of the work more prominent.

Nicol z24-200mmf / 4-6.3vr is not only light, but also covers the shooting range from wide-angle to long focus, which can show the structure of the building from different angles.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nicol z14-24mmf / 2.8s, aperture: F / 7.1, shutter: 1 / 125S, the long focal length of iso250 lens has a good sense of spatial compression.

The above figure makes use of the compression feeling of telephoto and the light contrast between the two structures to make the contrast relationship in the picture more obvious.

Nicol z14-24mmf / 2.8s can integrate it into the lens completely, and there is no need to complete the film, making the shooting process smooth and simple.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nicol z24-200mmf / 4-6.3vr, aperture: F / 7.1, shutter: 1 / 50 second, the shooting of iso250 above adopts diagonal composition, and the building lines naturally cut the picture into two parts.

The composition of the central guide line can well highlight the beauty of lines in the building.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nicol z14-24mmf / 2.8s, aperture: F / 7.1, shutter: 1 / 125S, iso250 symmetrical structure composition is very practical in architectural photography.

When iso250 is shooting from another angle, in order to show the depth of the rise of the building structure, the overhead shooting method is adopted.

Usually, everyone will shoot the symmetrical structure of double helix.

The building structures of these two parts are compact and sparse respectively, and the illumination of light also separates these two parts, forming a good contrast relationship, giving the whole picture an alternative sense of “symmetry”.

Socket Data Clip

Using the light reflection of the floor tiles, we can shoot the symmetrical building structure up and down, so that the picture has a good sense of balance.

The spiral ladder structure of iso100 is a subject preferred by photographers.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nikol z24-200mmf / 4-6.3vr, aperture: F / 11, shutter: 1 / 500s, the use of iso100 light is also an essential part of architectural photography.

Photographer’s galloping eggplant vision is a member of Beijing Dongcheng Photographers Association.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nikon z14-24mmf / 2.8s, aperture: F / 9, shutter: 1 / 200s.

It is particularly important for iso400 to capture the depth of the building.

As a photography lover, I like shooting architectural themes.

Shooting with 14mm wide-angle end may lead to film failure once the picture has large dark angle or distortion.

Large and small spiral ladders and rhythmic architectural structure can bring viewers a wonderful visual experience.

Nikon Z6 Ⅱ, Nicol z14-24mmf / 2.8s, aperture: F / 8, shutter: 1 / 40s.

When shooting, because the ambient light is not ideal, in the dark light environment, the Nicol z14-24mmf / 2.8s combined with the low light focusing performance of Nikon Z6 Ⅱ can realize rapid and accurate focusing and sharp imaging, so as to better present the lines of the building structure.

Nowadays, each city has its own landmark buildings or buildings with artistic color.

During backlight shooting, the anti glare performance of Nicol z14-24mmf / 2.8s is well reflected.

In the above figure, the spiral guide line is used in the composition.

In iso250 architectural photography, creative synthesis is also very common to change the perspective structure of architecture.

In the shooting process, I need to deal with the difficulties of large-scale back shooting and insufficient light.

As long as the line convergence point is placed on the intersection of trisection composition, its ductility will enhance the visual feeling of the audience.

Through the change of perspective, the building presents the feeling of huge spacecraft architecture in science fiction movies, giving people a visual impact..

Their tension lines and strange perspective structures have unspeakable beauty, which is the advantage of photographic expression.

At the same time, with the help of the good optical performance of Nicol z24-200mmf / 4-6.3vr, the simple picture has a rich transition of details.


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