Competition | “Li Xiang Hometown” Hainan Changjiang Rural Architectural Renovation Design Competition (as of 2023.4.12)

The theme of this competition was also born.

When we explore the island, we will see another kind of beauty of Hainan.

Changjiang is 196 kilometers from Haikou, the provincial capital, 100 kilometers from Yangpu Development Zone, 220 kilometers from Sanya, and 50 kilometers from Basuo Port.

We are looking at the mountains and seeing the countryside in Changjiang, hoping to use design to protect the hometown we are looking for, construct a precious “eternal moment” (Liu Xiaofeng’s language), and try to correct our misunderstanding of the countryside and the city for a hundred years.

Qicha Town is located in the mountainous area in the southeast of Changjiang River, bordering Chahe Town and Shilu Town in the north, Wangxia Township in the south, Bawang Ridge and Baisha County in the east, and Changhua River in the west, facing Dongfang City.

The precipitation of ecology and humanity meets the opportunities of the times, and the iteration of rural construction trends and urban lifestyles will bring a trend of urban-rural integration and development led by the “homestay lifestyle cluster” to this land.

The Village Revisited represents our beautiful hope for every village – to let the rural landscape burst into vitality due to the involvement of design, to revive the memories left on the homeland, and to allow more people to witness the stories that once belonged to an era.

When we return to the countryside, we should not only reminisce about the fading hometown along the way of growth through this everywhere, but also establish a warm connection between the past, the present, and the future.

Now, with another shift in time and space – from rural to urban and back to rural areas, a renewal is brewing here, and a rural architectural transformation with homestays as the carrier is about to start in Qicha Town, Li Autonomous County, Changjiang.

Perhaps all the wealth that a person has in his life is those “moments” in his life, and the rest is just a redundant dream.

Qicha Primary School ● Sliding Left and Right

Like many of their peers, they have no intention of catching up with time and have quietly disappeared into the familiar and unfamiliar parts of local daily life.

Over the past 30 years, every Chinese person has participated in “running away” and “staying behind” in some way, but none of them has been able to transcend the place they are located, but instead point to the place they yearn for in their hearts.

It is adjacent to Baisha Li Autonomous County in the east, Ledong Li Autonomous County in the south, Dongfang City in the southwest facing each other on the Changhua River, Beibu Gulf in the northwest, and Danzhou City in the northeast across the Zhubi River.

● The scenery of Changjiang River.

But if we talk about the long cooled stories on these lands, it often awakens the warm memories and emotions of many people.

There are a total of six plots of buildings and the renovation and construction of the surrounding environment, including four primary schools, one residential area, and one village entrance.

● Undisturbed daily life and history hidden in daily life.

Return the countryside to the countryside in a level up manner and attitude.

The scheme needs to combine the design themes of six plots and fully consider the functionality and sustainability of the building: * The result of this competition is a conceptual design scheme.

● The scenery of Changjiang, known as “Mountain, Sea, Li Township” and “Kapok Township,” is the most familiar image of Changjiang.

● The preliminary bid for the design of the Changjiang Landscape Competition focuses on the conceptual design of residential buildings, with the goal of architectural renovation and new construction of vacant plots in villages in Qicha Town, so as to improve the usability of rural architectural space in Qicha Town.

This is the case with the six pieces of land scattered in Qicha Town, Changjiang Li Autonomous County.

National culture and natural creations have demonstrated the symbiosis of mutual prosperity for thousands of years here.

It is also one of the 22 key construction style towns identified in the “Outline of Hainan International Tourism Island Development Plan”.

Project Location This competition is located in Changjiang Li Autonomous County, an autonomous county directly under the Central Government of Hainan Province, within the Beibu Gulf urban agglomeration, located in the west of Hainan Island, with a total area of 1620 square kilometers.

On the basis of echoing the urban landscape and surrounding environment, inject new spatial vitality into the area.

Welcome to this rural architectural renovation design competition.

This is Liu Xiaofeng’s reading meditation on the book “Hometown” by Ivan Bunin.

For more information on the base bid, please refer to the “Competition Design Data Package”.

We know that in the beautiful blueprint for urban and rural development, the words of the countryside should also be heard, and the energy of rural revitalization is constantly feeding back urban development.

Lifting Foot Anchor

This is not only the largest Li and Miao ethnic minority settlement in Changjiang Li Autonomous County, but also the birthplace of the traditional Li and Miao festival “March 3rd” in Hainan Province.

Competition Plot The plots for this competition are distributed in four administrative villages in Qicha Town, namely “Nixia Village, Qicha Village, Dazhang Village, and Daheng Village”.

Come with us to visit the mountains and villages in Changjiang, Hainan, and use our design to embark on a fantasy about “Li Xiang Hometown”.

What is Hainan like in your heart? Perhaps many people will think of iconic features such as beaches, coconut forests, and sea breezes, but the charm of this island lies not only in its long coastline.

Rainforest, wetlands, mountains, rivers, bays, fields At the midpoint between Haikou and Sanya, a piece of land called Changjiang River is used to deduce unique island customs and customs.


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