The first large-scale concrete prefabricated building in Henan Province

The general contractor has two construction units.

Key analysis: the staircase rest platform is 1.5m higher than the elevation of this floor, and the inclined support can not effectively strengthen the wall according to the conventional practice.

In the first detailed design stage, the hardbound electrical points, furniture specifications, dimensions and positions will be; Ensure 100% utilization of prefabricated components.

Analysis of key and difficult points of PC assembly construction process and solution split design split design is a technology integrating architectural scheme design, structural design, component manufacturing, construction and installation, procurement and supply of components and accessories.

Fixing Socket

The one-time splitting and deepening of components is mainly aimed at component standardization, production and processing technology, hardbound point design of finished product room, and deepening of switch socket details.

Special background of one-time splitting and deepening project: the original design was a cast-in-situ project, and then Zheng Da actively responded to the assembly policy of the national and provincial governments and changed it to assembly; It is very disadvantageous to change cast-in-situ into prefabricated building from congenital.

Project overview project name: high end talent building of Henan pharmaceutical innovation and transformation base geographical location: East Gate of Zhengzhou University, high tech Zone, Zhengzhou City, the land is adjacent to Cuizhu street in the north, chunteng road in the west, Fengyang street in the South and Shinan road in the East, with a total land area of 75457.61 square meters;        Building area: the total building area is 123723.47 square meters; Project features: the design standard of the project is a two-star green building, the construction method is fabricated, and the structural form is shear wall / frame / fabricated.

Reasons for adopting BIM Technology and high goal of excellence creation: in order to fully display the project characteristics, overcome the project difficulties and ensure the construction quality, the owner requires BIM Technology to be applied in the construction stage of each discipline.

Solution: lateral fixation problem 2: the prefabricated walls on both sides of the staircase cannot be reinforced with inclined support.

The secondary splitting deepens the combination of components and reduces the lifting times; The number of PC components in the third # building is reduced from 191 to 133, and the collision between vertical support and inclined support; PC component horizontal bar collision; Solution: ① the initial difference of horizontal reinforcement is 50mm.

At the same time, on the premise of sample guiding, it not only saves materials and space, but also can be reused.

The influencing factors such as stress reinforcement, embedded parts of inclined support, embedded hanging nails, reserved and embedded water and electricity, split bolt holes and so on need to be considered.

The secondary splitting of components is mainly used to assist the layout and type selection of tower crane, which is convenient for on-site construction.

At the same time, it meets the requirements of the two construction units, and has higher requirements for the platform.

Solution: make non-standard inclined support and fix it to the rest platform; Pull the walls on both sides.

After optimization: meet the assembly requirements of prefabricated components through reserved cuts.

The BIM model is established according to the formwork reinforcement scheme, using 15mm wood formwork + 40mm secondary keel + 50mm steel main keel.

The whole project consists of 12 main buildings, 3 supporting rooms and two underground parking garages, of which 5-18 floors are fabricated component floors.

According to BIM model statistics, ywq1 weighs 6.52t, is about 28m away from the tower crane, the torque is 1820kn · m, exceeds 7030 crane 28m, the lifting capacity is 1120kn * m, and the components need to be disassembled twice; Accurately calculate the component weight, assist in the selection and positioning of tower crane and the secondary disassembly of components.

The progress simulation of visual technical disclosure applies BIM Technology to simulate the project progress, compares the BIM simulated construction plan with the actual construction plan, finds out the areas of difference between the plan and the actual, analyzes the reasons for the difference, uses BIM to simulate the construction situation and schedule arrangement of next week, formulates the weekly plan assessment and non-compliance solutions, eliminates the delay of construction period, and can vividly serve the construction The supervision unit shall report the progress.

Integrating BIM Technology into the whole process of prefabricated building project construction is not only a hot topic in the construction industry, but also an important direction for the development of architecture towards industrialization and science and technology.

After BIM design standardization, the types of prefabricated components were merged into 93 of 33 kinds.

This project is the first large-scale fabricated PC structure project in Henan Province.

PC components cannot be excavated for secondary laying of water and electricity pipelines.

BIM solution: conduct special modeling for this part, determine the effective reinforcement method of three prefabricated walls, and make non-standard inclined support to fix it to the rest platform; The walls on both sides are pulled against each other, and the components shall be embedded with diagonal bracing sleeves as required.

For the reserved 5 * 30 clamping groove in the prefabricated wall, the outer keel cannot fit with the wall.

There were 191 prefabricated components of 72 kinds in the original design.

BIM model is used to assist the design of fabricated construction formwork, and reinforcement measures are reasonably arranged to avoid collision with construction measures such as internal oblique support and external standard external protective frame, so as to ensure the smooth progress of construction.

There are 186 such problems in total.

The advantages of finished products, batch, easy operation, short construction period and replicability of prefabricated buildings make them popular in the process of high and rapid urbanization construction.

BIM consultant provides an application platform and a new BIM management mode jointly used by the owner, the supervisor and the construction party.

The BIM model is established to assist the design, production, processing and on-site installation of the standard external protective frame, and the workers are disclosed through the installation simulation of the standard external protective frame.

The standardization of prefabricated building components has a crucial impact on reducing the cost of the project.

Difficult construction: with large quantities, short construction period and complex pipeline layout, it is the first large-scale concrete prefabricated building in the province.

The three-dimensional field layout modeling reflects the layout of the construction site, tests the rationality of the layout of the construction site, reasonably arranges the temporary facilities, production and operation areas and large equipment installation in a dynamic way, and finally analyzes and selects the best scheme to improve the construction efficiency and quality, so as to achieve green construction, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Simulation of external hanger and formwork installation: fully consider the influence of vertical reinforcement, grouting sleeve, formwork split bolt, water and electricity reserved holes and other factors on the construction, and formulate the reinforcement scheme.

The two construction units operate on the same platform, which is different from the previous management methods.

Avoid prefabricated components at the entrance and exit – set at the balcony after communication with the design; Ensure that the attached wall is on the cast-in-situ structure – it is planned to set tie at the opening of the laminated plate; BIM Technology is applied to simulate the position and attached wall of human and freight elevator..

Joint review of BIM application drawings in the project according to the design drawings, BIM software is used to create professional models of the project, dynamically and visually display the design results, test the constructability of the design, intuitively check the drawing problems such as contradictions, no data information and data errors in the drawings, and finally issue the drawing comprehensive analysis report, Help the joint review of drawings to ensure that there are no omissions in the joint review of drawings.

3D visual template the project uses BIM Technology to build 3D virtual templates, build and improve the construction process library and form a standardized process flow, which can not only facilitate the understanding of on-site technicians, but also strengthen the operation process of on-site workers and standardize working methods, so as to improve the construction level and cost control.

Today, let’s learn about the application of Bim in prefabricated buildings.

Optimization suggestions: the clamping groove shall be reserved to 14 deep to ensure the support of square steel.

Original drawing: the prefabricated air conditioning board conflicts with the outer wall and insulation of the prefabricated wall.

Key analysis: the project determines that the standard external protective frame is adopted for the external protective frame, and the wall needs to be reserved and embedded.

    BIM solution: use BIM Technology to assist the preparation of standard external protective frame scheme, establish a standard external protective frame model, accurately reflect the position relationship of stressed reinforcement, formwork split bolts, reserved holes for water and electricity, inclined support embedded parts and embedded hanging nails, and determine the reservation and embedding of the final standard external protective frame on the prefabricated wallboard.

There are 308 such problems in total.

Original drawing: collision between cast-in-situ beam and precast wall.

After optimization: through the precast wall, the reserved hole of beam section is reserved to solve the problem in the precast structure   Assembly requirements of parts.

Problem 1: there is not enough inclined support space at the balcony.


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