Small and interesting white fashion apartment in Victoria historic building in central London

A comfortable modern residence is designed on it, in which the bedroom and home office are separated.

With the help of interesting old-fashioned furniture, original solutions to maximize space and light color schemes, designer olajachymiak tried to minimize the constraints of space limitations and skillfully tried to meet all the wishes of customers.

One of the apartments is like this, with a total area of only 50 square meters.

If conditions permit, the architectural interface itself can also be treated.

Let’s take a closer look! The original text is transferred from the new media of fashion home textile under Jiduo: extended reading of home textile theory (m.jijuduo.

Interior decoration design is mainly designed according to certain requirements for the six interfaces of the interior space of the building It is required to carry out secondary treatment, that is, the treatment of ceiling, wall and ground, as well as the treatment of internal interfaces such as solid and semi-solid dividing space.

CN)*   Comfortable private garden with backyard in Spain*   Stylish modern apartment with large green terrace*   Los Angeles Fashion apartment with soothing colors and extraordinary taste*   Gothenburg apartment has soft and warm interior (78 square meters)*   Cool, elegant and exquisite: luxury apartment in old house*   15 beautiful living rooms with classic fireplaces*   Appreciation of the new interior decoration of Karaman, a well-known interior designer in North America*   Noble tone and multi integration in the design of London Penthouse*   Norwegian designers are quiet, simple and elegant fashion houses*   Norwegian designer’s quiet, simple and elegant fashion residence ▼ recommended by the album of home textile on the official website of home textile “Decoration design” is translated into English as visual communication design.

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Visual communication design is a design that uses visual signs to convey information, and this visual signal plays an important role in conveying information.


The design of commodity signs, packaging, decoration and advertising is commonly known as decoration design.

The Victorian house in central London is not only the treasure of the city, but also the main pride of the city, but the apartments in the building can not have spacious space and convenient layout.


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