Notice on carrying out nucleic acid testing for all personnel on construction sites

For the health and safety of you and the people in the region, please support the construction workers Support and cooperate with large-scale nucleic acid detection.

Ningbo Fenghua District New Coronavirus infection pneumonia prevention and control work leading group office December 16, 2021..

Novel coronavirus pneumonia: all staff at the construction site: in order to resolutely block the transmission of new crown pneumonia epidemic situation and effectively curb the spread and spread of the disease, the leading group of the epidemic prevention and control of New Coronavirus infection in Fenghua district has studied and decided to organize the nucleic acid detection of all the construction sites.


Those who refuse to cooperate without justified reasons, hinder epidemic prevention and control or cause other serious consequences shall bear corresponding legal responsibilities according to law.

Wire Lifting Loop

The following announcement is now available: the sampling time is 7:00-12:00 December 17, 2021.

Sampling location III.

precautions please refer to the notice of the staff on the construction site, Carry personal ID card (if there is no ID card, provide residence booklet and other valid identity certificates), smart phones, and arrive at the designated place in order by time and batch to carry out nucleic acid detection, with a distance of more than 1 meter.

Please prepare in advance and actively show the health code and travel code, wear masks throughout the process, and do not talk or gather.


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