Richard Rogers, a pioneer of high-tech architecture, died at the age of 88

Wimbledonhouse, London, UK (1969) the Wimbledon house (also known as Rogers house) designed by Rogers and his then wife Sue in the late 1960s aims to demonstrate a new prefabricated building system that will enable the house to be built quickly and economically.

Designed together with Italian architect Renzo Piano, its structure and mechanical services are visible from the outside of the building, creating an open and flexible internal space.

▲ Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, however, the radical design of the building was not so popular at first – the French newspaper lemonde described it as “architectural King Kong”.

It is the first high-tech industrial building and the last building jointly designed by Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, Su brumwell and Wendy Cheesman in team 4.

He is the winner of riba Gold Award, Thomas Jefferson Medal, RIBA Stirling award, Minerva medal and Pritzker award.

▲ Richard Rogers (Richard Rogers) in 1933, Rogers was born in a British Italian family in Florence, Italy.

“For decades, Rogers has used his personal background to influence government policies: he delivered a speech at the Reith lectures at BBC4 in 1995; he served as chairman of the urban working group from 1998 to 2005, (and provide suggestions on urban planning for successive London mayors; the demand for affordable housing has always been the core of his long-term debate; but architecture can only go so far.

He mentioned when he was a guest editor of CNN—— “Architecture should not be viewed in isolation as a building, but as an experience of urban landscape, about how buildings respond to terrain, frame space and create urban structure.

The only way to accommodate a growing population while maintaining urban vitality and minimizing carbon emissions is to live in denser and better designed cities.

” Richard Rogers ▲ in his project Pompidou Center in Paris, they handed over half of the site to a square and extended the square to the front of the building through walkways and closed escalators.

His son roorogers confirmed his death to the New York Times.

He called for a “profound social and political revolution” and quoted famous philosophers such as John Rawls and Ronald de Hongjin to support his demand for a fairer society.

▲ in that year’s team4 group photo, Rogers’s architectural practice has always sought to expand civil space into buildings, expand the public into the private sphere, and bring light and air into cultural institutions, courts and legislative bodies.

He became a representative of high-tech architecture.

When he proudly announced, “madam, it’s me!” In his 2017 memoir, he recalled, “she hit me on the head with an umbrella and strode away..

“It’s not as disposable as our previous buildings.

Pompidou Art Center, Paris, France (1977) the Pompidou Center in Paris is perhaps Rogers’ most famous architecture, and it is also his clear expression of architecture from the inside out, which has attracted global attention to its architects and high-tech movement.

He moved to the UK in his early years and obtained a master’s degree from AA school in London.

In these cities, the right of everyone to enjoy good public space needs to be safeguarded and respected more than ever before.

Fixing Socket Waved End Nail Plate

During his study at Yale, Rogers met Norman Foster, a student of architecture, and Susan Jane “Su” Rogers, his first wife (formerly known as brumwell), he returned to London and founded team4.

Rogers, one of the world’s most famous architects, quietly left his home in London on Saturday night.

Public spaces – our streets and squares, parks and sidewalks – are public A stage for living together; As social animals, the public sphere is the core of our life.

The reliance controls factory in Swindon, UK (1967) was completed in 1967.

Although it has not become a standardized system to solve the housing problem in the whole UK, it does affect most of the work I’m still doing in the next 50 years, or even more.” Rogers said.

Everyone should be able to see a tree from the window, sit down on a bench at the corner, and walk to a small park with their children.

“In 2020, in Richard Rog At the time of ers’ retirement, dezeen sorted out 10 representative works in his career – reliance controls.

In his career, Rogers has won almost all the highest honors that an architect can get.

I like narrow alleys, where sunlight suddenly bursts into the dazzling light of squares under the shadow of buildings, sidewalks and pedestrians.

In 1977, when he and Renzo Piano visited the building in front of Pompidou, an elegant woman asked Rogers if he knew who designed the building.

Richard Rogers, a pioneer of high-tech architecture who designed the Pompidou Center in Paris and the Lloyd’s building in London, died at the age of 88.


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