Yantian people are ecstatic! Yantian’s first international architectural design award!

Recently, the MUSE Design Awards announced the results of the 2024 selection. Yunhai Forest Service Station stood out from numerous entries around the world and won the highest honor of the MUSE Design Awards – the Platinum Award. This is also the first international award won by Yantian District in the field of architectural design..

The Yunhai Forest Service Station is located in the core area of Sanzhoutian Forest Park. As a landmark scene in the Mid Mountain Park Belt, it is an important infrastructure for the Yantian District Government to implement the ecological construction of “Mountain Sea Connected City, Green Beautiful Shenzhen”..

Facing the mountains and the sea, surrounded by forests, it overlooks the rapidly changing Shenzhen from the Ma Luan Mountain at an altitude of 380 meters. On one side is the harbor dock with huge daily throughput, and on the other side is the primitive forest with unique caves. The special site selection of the Cloud Sea Forest Service Station has created an extremely unique atmosphere for the design to unfold..

The entire Yunhai Forest Service Station is divided into three levels. Under the lingering greenery, the unique streamlined design and fully transparent curved space bring visual tension to the fully transparent Yunhai Forest Service Station..

Through the use of gentle steps, outdoor platforms, glass terraces, and other features, the spatial variation has given rise to various functions such as passage, stopping, and sightseeing. This allows people who travel between cities, docks, and mountains and seas to experience a unique surreal beauty from the inside out in the collision between forests and modernity..

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Standing in the “Sky City” at an altitude of 380 meters, amidst the sea of clouds, at different altitudes and angles, everything is a scenery, and every frame is picturesque, with unexpected surprises in every corner..

At the same time, the service station is surrounded by 4000 square meters of open grassland, which can be used by citizens and tourists for leisure walks. In addition to the tense urban life, they can get close to nature and experience the growth of all things at Yunhai Park..

In order to make it more convenient and efficient for citizens and tourists to directly reach the Yunhai Forest Service Station, since the opening of Yunhai Park, Yantian District has simultaneously opened a newly upgraded “Yunhai Special Line”. Currently, there are four special lines, passing through natural and cultural attractions such as Chaxi Valley, Xiaosanzhou, Meisha Jiandeng Mountain Pass, Zui Ying Ting, and Gengzi Shouyi Sculpture Park. Each attraction can enjoy different beautiful scenery and experience a rewarding mountain and sea journey..


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